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"A friendly monthly meetup for people using Node.js for fun or profit."

LNUG is London's node.js user group. We have been running regular [monthly meetups since September 2011](https://lnug.org/archive.html) and over the years we have hosted talks by local developers and speakers from all over the world.

LNUG is run and organised by London developers. The LNUG commitment is to represent London's diverse community, to welcome the wider global node.js community to our busy city, and to provide a platform for node.js developers - local rising stars, newbies and experts alike - to share their expertise and network.

We are proud be a regular calendar event for locals and to those passing through London - and to be the go-to community event for node.js developers in London. We are grateful to partners and supporters like NearForm that help make it possible to continue to fill that role.

We meet the 4th Wednesday of every month, except December.

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LNUG #92 - February 2020


**NOTE: 2020 we are taking LNUG on the road - and moving venues monthly. Check the details and set your citymapper/GPS/internal compass!** This month we are hosted at TotallyMoney.com (more about them below): 16 Brunswick Place London N1 6DZ Map: https://www.google.com/maps/place/16+Brunswick+Pl,+Old+Street,+London+N1+6DZ/@51.5271411,-0.0882679,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x48761ca5bb8037d1:0x1d69c51ff7140d3a!8m2!3d51.5271411!4d-0.0860792 Thanks TotallyMoney - it's great to have your support! --- ## The mergence of Graphql and Serverless Speaker: Tatenda Chawanzwa In this talk we'll go over why these two technologies (Graphql & Serverless) have drastically gained popularity and what problems they were made to solve. Then we'll go through how the two can be used together and I'll do a little demo with the Serverless framework I've been a professional developer for about 3 years. In that time I've worked for small startups to large corporations. List includes Ruuby, Sky and Eurostar to name a few. Twitter handle is @shadrech17 I confirm my talk will be 20 mins long 🤞🏾 I will abide by the code of conduct Twitter handle is @shadrech17 ------- Interested in speaking at a future LNUG? Add a talk proposal as an issue at https://github.com/lnug/speakers Find out more: • http://lnug.org/ • https://twitter.com/LNUGorg • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-qjgj2TnRoI1ZmFFaN3FeQ • https://github.com/lnug ------ Thanks, as ever to the contributions from sponsors in our community: NearForm provide the Pizza and Drinks We are hosted this month at TotallyMoney.com --------- TotallyMoney is on a mission to improve the UK's credit score and help people move on up to a better future. They launched their free credit report in late 2017, have since acquired over two and a half million customers, and are proud to be the highest rated free credit report provider on Trustpilot. They are also 2018 and 2019 winners of Moneynet's Best Free Credit Report Provider, and featured on the Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work For list in early 2019. ----------- Video Recording Sponsored by Pusher.

LNUG - Workshop #2 - Create an LNUG Talk Proposal

51 Hoxton Square

LNUG is your local friendly Node.js user group. Inspired by GDCFP day (Global Diversity Call For Papers day). We are running a LNMTPE. (too many acronyms? 🤣 okay here's what we plan to do) We the LNUG organiser team and volunteers will be here to help you plan, and submit your first Meetup talk. Everyone is welcome, we love new speakers, old time speakers, people with experience from different industries, and people who have just started. Anecdotally the best time to talk about something is just as you learn it. Driven by the roaring 🦁 success of of our first workshop the "Christmas Node Mini Hackathon" we are really excited to try the same thing again. The format will be. 6.30pm arrive - socialise, food! 7pm kick off - Very short Introduction to LNUG, the format, and lightning talk on what it's like to talk at LNUG 7.15pm - Pair up and start working on a talk proposal. 8.45pm - Get together as a group and share our talk proposals & schedule anybody's proposal for a future LNUG if they want too 9.00pm - Pub - Prince Arthur Looking forward to seeing you there 😊 Note: This is as well as our monthly meet up not confusion. There will be an event on the 25th of February and we will try get it announced soon

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LNUG #91 - January 2020 -


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