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The London Node.js User Group (LNUG) is A friendly monthly meetup for people using Node.js for fun or profit.

LNUG is the longest standing Node.js meetup in London and has been hosting first-class events for over 4 years. LNUG has welcomed speakers from all around the world and over time built up a truly global audience. Our commitment to the London Node.js community is as strong as ever and we are proud to offer a platform for the local rising stars of Node.js to share their expertise & network.

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LNUG #80 - January 2019

Conde Nast

LNUG is hosted at Condé Nast in Adelphi Building, 1-10 John Adam St ***Please note: you will not be allowed through security unless you are listed as "Attending" on this event*** ------------------------------- Rust for Javascript devs - your first Web Assembly App. Shane Osbourne Web Assembly is HOT news right now - but did you know you can already build a full application that will work in all modern browsers, in a type-safe language like Rust? The talk will provide a gentle introduction to the world of Web Assembly & the programming language Rust. It begins with a short introduction to Rust, presented in a particular light that will appeal to Javascript Developers. It's then followed with an overview of the Yew framework (a React-style frontend framework for Rust) and will be concluded with an explanation of how we get from Rust source code into a Web Assembly module that can be used in the browser. ------------------------------- Build APIs with node, Lambda & Serverless Errietta Kostala AWS lambda allows you to build microservices that can be triggered both through HTTP and other ways such as when something is added to a queue, or on a schedule. We'll show how it is possible to build an API which consists of small, individual functions that respond to different HTTP requests using AWS lambda and API gateway. In addition to this, we will be deploying using serverless within minutes! ------------------------------------------ Interested in speaking? Add a talk proposal as an issue at https://github.com/lnug/speakers Find out more: • http://lnug.org/ • https://twitter.com/LNUGorg • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-qjgj2TnRoI1ZmFFaN3FeQ • https://github.com/lnug

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LNUG #79 - November 2018

Conde Nast

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