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LSUG Talks: Laurence Bird and Tomas Petricek #LondonScalaUG
This month, #LondonScalaUG is back at CodeNode! Sign up for this event on the skillsmatter website ( For June's talks we are delighted to be joined by Laurence Bird who will be talking about typeclass derivation with magnolia, and Tomas Petricek, who will be exploring functionalist programming language design. Here are their abstracts: Laurence Bird: An Introduction to Automatic Typeclass Derivation with Magnolia Typeclasses provide a great foundation for writing generic code in a clean, easy to understand and extendable manner. As applications evolve and grow over time however, maintaining the boiler plate required for constructing type class instances can become burden to maintain, sometimes leading to significant unecessary repetition within a codebase. Magnolia is a lightweight, low barrier-to-entry library which empowers developers to scrap the aforementioned boilerplate using automatic typeclass derivation. This talk will provide an introduction to automatic typeclass derivation with Magnolia, giving a practical overview of the library with worked examples, and highlighting relevant use cases to encorporate the library in your day-to-day work. Tomas Petricek: Functionalist programming language design The word ""function"" in ""functional programming"" refers to mathematical concept of a function, but in this talk, I will pretend that that's not the case. Imagine that functional programming was instead inspired by functionalist architecture and the word ""function"" referred to the modernist design principle that ""form follows function"". How would this perspective transform our thinking about programming? Using a number of practical F# examples, I will try to convince you that ""function"" in the design sense is already more useful for understanding what makes functional programming great than ""function"" in the mathematical sense. Along the way, I will go through a number of interesting language features and libraries available in F# that have close, but not quite equivalent cousins in Scala, including ""type providers"" which provide an easy way to integrate external data sources into the language. -------- Refreshments will be provided by eSynergySolutions.

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