Scala Coding Dojo

Hosted by London Scala Users' Group

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This is a past event

35 people went


A regular coding dojo session run on every third Thursday of the month. The dojo is now held regularly at the central London offices of TIM Group (

Please dont go to Thoughtworks as no one will let you in

6.00pm Socialise, eat pizza, discuss this evenings problem
7.00pm Split into groups and start the dojo proper
8.30pm Show and tell - discuss what was learnt
9.00pm Pub - The Telegraph (

Our approach to the dojo
The coding dojo spilts everyone up into groups of 3 to 5 people, grouping more experience users with those starting out to ensure everyone is able to take part and achieve something.

The session runs until 9pm, stoping around 8.30pm to allow each group to talk about their ideas and approaches to solving the set problem. A problem is chosen on the night of each event by the group, usually from a list of ideas the group suggested.

If you can, please bring a laptop with you with a Scala development environment ( ready to use.

Project information and code is being hosted on the site (a bit like bitbucket (, github, etc). You can view more information about lsug-dojo and the projects being tackled ( and also get a copy of the dojo code from the assembla git repository (

If you have any comments, please add them on the site. If you want to discuss things in more detail you can start a thread in the messages tab of the lsug-dojo site.