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Scuba Diving/Safari Trip to Mozambique (Tofo/Barrazuto/Ponta Do Ouro) - Oct 23

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Scuba Diving/Safari Trip to Mozambique (Tofo/Barrazuto/Ponta Do Ouro) - Oct 23


We will depart London on Sat 1 Oct 23. We will fly from London to Johannesburg (SA) before transferring to Maputo in Mozambique. The following morning we will be taken to the world renowned Kruger National Safari Park for a 2 day tour which will involve staying overnight at the park which will be an amazing experience.

Once we have finished the Safari we will then be collected from Maputo and taken to the first dive location at Tofo Beach. We will then spend up to 5 days diving in this region which again is a great time to be at Tofo. We are likely to be in time to see the last Humpback Whales migrate and also be in season for some fantastic diving. From Tofo Beach we will then be collected and taken to the Barrazuto Archipelago. Here we will complete up to 3 days diving to see the best dive sites in the area. The diving here is amazing and is less visited than Tofo Beach. After 3 days diving here we will then catch a flight back to Maputo and transfer to the last dive location at Ponta Do Ouro. We will spend up to 3 days diving in Ponta Do Ouro where it will be shark season. We will be able to complete some fantastic shark diving. The type of sharks will include tigers, bull, hammerhead, silvertips, blacktips and Leopard sharks. We have the option of going to the Byde Grand Canyon which is an amazing experience and is located within reach of Maputo.

Date Activity
Sun 1-Oct-23 Depart 21:00 from London
Mon 2-Oct-23 Arrive 09:00am and stay overnight in Maputo
Tue 3-Oct-23 Collection for Safari from Hotel - Day 1
Wed 4-Oct-23 Day 2 Safari and return to Maputo
Thur 5-Oct-23 Collection from Hotel & Transfer to Tofo
Fri 6-Oct-23 Dive Day 1 Tofo
Sat 7-Oct-23 Dive Day 2 Tofo
Sun 8-Oct-23 Dive Day 3 Tofo
Mon 9-Oct-23 Dive Day 4 Tofo
Tue 10-Oct-23 Dive Day 5 Tofo / Transfer to Vilankulos
Wed 11-Oct-23 Dive Day 1 Barrazuto
Thur 12-Oct-23 Dive Day 2 Barrazuto
Fri 13-Oct-23 Dive Day 3 Barrazuto
Sat 14-Oct-23 Flight to Maputo & Transfer to Ponta do Ouro
Sun 15-Oct-23 Dive Day 1 Ponto Do Ouro
Mon 16-Oct-23 Dive Day 2 Ponto Do Ouro
Tue 17-Oct-23 Dive Day 3 Ponto Do Ouro / Transfer to Maputo
Wed 18-Oct-23 Day sightseeing in Maputo/ Blyde Grand Canyon or Rhino Park
Thur 19-Oct-23 Flight to London depart 20:25
Fri 20-Oct-23 Arrive London 06:35am

We have arranged good standard accommodation in all locations.

Package cost is likely to be in the region of £2,000 without flights and kit hire. This is excellent considering we are diving the best 3 locations in Mozambique and also including the 2 day/1 night tour of Kruger National Park.

London to Johannesburg - £550.00 Return - Virgin/British Airways
Johannesburg to Maputo - £160.00 Return.
Vilanculos to Maputo - £100.00.

Tofo Beach
Tofo Beach has some amazing diving. Scuba diving off Tofo is a real treat for those who love marine megafauna. The plankton rich waters are known to attract whale sharks, manta rays and also humpback whales. Visibility will be good in October.

Bazaruto Archipelago
There are five main islands making up the Bazaruto Archipelago. Life doesn't get more picture-perfect than on Mozambique's Bazaruto Archipelago. Head beneath the waves and you'll find a National Park full of unspoilt waters and reefs, which offer some of the finest diving in the world.

Ponta Do Ouro
There are over 20 dive sites on the reefs of Ponta do Ouro, Ponta Malongane and Ponta Mamoli, home to an amazing and bio-diverse marine life primarily famed for shark encounters and suitable for experienced divers. Experienced divers will want to head out further to the edge of the continental shelf to sites like Pinnacles where hammerhead, bull and dusky sharks are frequently seen.

Further Full Trip Details on Below Link on Club Website.

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London Scuba Diving Social Group & Holiday Travel
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