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What we’re about

Hello friend, welcome to London Socials!

London Socials = awesome people + new experiences

This is our and now your community of friends and friends you just haven't made yet.

Rule number #1 = Be a friend. Act as the best friend you’d want to have.

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Socialise with the rest of the London Socials community, join or host your own spontaneous events, be the first to receive updates and get exclusive member rewards.

To help you get the most benefits of belonging to our community and learn more about London Socials, our mission, the community we are growing and how we operate our events to give you the best experiences, please read our Welcome letter here -

Our Mission

Strong authentic relationships are the secret to happiness.

We believe that everybody deserves to have friends and a community of people that inspire them to be their best selves.

We are one of the fastest-growing and most active social Meetup groups in London and the world. 

We’re proud to say 50%+ of our members have rated their experiences with us 10/10 and we’re working hard to make this even better.

Whether you want more people to hang out with or you want to do new and fun things, we've got it covered! 

We organise and host lots of regular social events with hundreds of awesome people.

Since the Coronavirus lockdown started, so many of us have struggled with our mental health, isolation and our social lives. Those that moved to London from another country and are away from their families and loved ones. 

Or those who have lived here for years, perhaps all their lives, and have not managed to build a strong and healthy social life.

London is such a transient mobile city and we can all benefit from having more meaningful, authentic friendships and stronger connections.

We’re literally surrounded by millions of people, yet London still consistently tops lists as the loneliest city in the world. With over 50% of the population saying they feel lonely and find it hard to make friends and a strong social support group here. 

Together, as the London Socials community, we’re going to change this and enjoy the best of what London has to offer.

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