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We are a group of entrepreneurs ourselves who want to form a club to introduce a new network, inspire through talks & speakers, and help fabricate the solid steps to your dreams into a real business. Our passions are fin tech and future technologies & where they are both leading us.

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FinDevCo (2017)
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Developing countries can be ahead of developing country trends like with MPESA. Check out what the UK can learn from Fintech in developing countries today. Please let us know if you want to get involved... [masked] & [masked] number if you get lost[masked]

What Gaming Teaches Fintech (2017)
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Video games are now bigger business than movies and their relationships with customers are exceptional. Can fintechs & banks learn from them? [masked] & [masked][masked] - Tanya Laird (Digital Jam)

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The Property Connector at Morton's Club in Mayfair

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