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This group is for developers who want to learn more about YugabyteDB, an open source, cloud native distributed SQL database that is PostgreSQL compatible.

Want to suggest a topic for a future presentation?

-> YugabyteDB internals
-> YSQL development
-> YCQL development
-> Schema design
-> Database administration
-> Multi-cloud deployments
-> YugabyteDB on Kubernetes
-> Benchmarking
-> JAMstack Development with YugabyteDB
-> GraphQL and YugabyteDB integration
-> Security, compliance and encryption
-> Comparisons: Cassandra, PostgreSQL, TiDB, Oracle, MySQL

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To learn more, visit our website: https://www.yugabyte.com/

Check us out on Github: https://github.com/yugabyte/yugabyte-db

Upcoming events (4)

YugabyteDB Japan Hour, May 2022

Network event

Needs a location

Join us on 24 May 2022 at 3pm JST for our virtual event, YugabyteDB Japan Hour, May 2022!

Yugabyte Japan Hourでは、Yugabyte Japanからの最新情報とYugabyteDBの製品アップデートをお送りいたします。
今回は、初回ということで、Yugabyte Japanからのご挨拶と、先日行われたDSS Asia 2022の振り返りを中心に、お送りいたします。

In this monthly session, Yugabyte’s Japan team will provide business and product updates. This time, they will do some recap on the DSS Asia Summit, give some insightful updates on Yugabyte products and what’s happening at the Japan office. We will also be having a Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

This webinar will be presented in Japanese.

アジェンダ / Agenda

ごあいさつ / Introduction: 5 min
今月のアップデート / Japan Updates - DSS Summit Recap: 10min
製品アップデート / Product Updates - Yugabyte Product Updates: 15 min
ゲストトーク / Guest Talk - Mineharu Takahara: 15min
Q & A

Register here: https://yugabyte.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_ZdMhGMudTJeSWyfwPuPurA

YugabyteDB YSQL Development Advanced

Network event

Needs a location

Join us on 25 May 2022 at 9am PT for our free Yugabyte University Virtual Learning, 'YugabyteDB YSQL Development Advanced’.

In this virtual training, you will learn about some of the advanced YSQL language features that help minimize the negative effects of high-latency communications and network outages.

These YSQL language features include table partitioning, tablespaces, and row-level geo-partioning. Training will also cover the JDBC Smart Driver, tablet splitting, and the basics of performance tuning.

This course is ideal if you have previously achieved YugabyteDB certification, as you should already be familiar with YugabyteDB key concepts, terminology, and features.

Experience with structured data, relational database systems, SQL, and Bash shell scripting is also helpful.

Register for free today:

YugabyteDB Friday Tech Talks: YCQL - Automatic Deletion of Data Using TTL

Network event

🚀 Don't miss our 20th episode!!! 🚀

Our next YugabyteDB Friday Tech Talk (YFTT) takes place on LinkedIn Live, Friday 27th May at 9:30am PT.

They will also discuss a dependent feature that can be used for managing time-series data, where data that expires together can be deleted without going through the usual compaction process.

We hope you are finding these tech talks useful. If there is a specific topic related to distributed SQL and YugabyteDB that you would like us to cover, please let us know.

You can attend and register for the event here: https://www.linkedin.com/video/event/urn:li:ugcPost:6933489171240009728/

YugabyteDB YCQL Development Intermediate

Network event

Needs a location

On 1 June 2022 at 9am PT, we are hosting the virtual training "YugabyteDB YCQL Development Intermediate".

Cloud native applications require a distributed database that maintains resiliency and performance at scale. For this reason Yugabyte created YugabyteDB, an open source distributed database that supports both relational and semi-relational data.

Yugabyte Cloud Query Language, or YCQL, is a semi-relational API for YugabyteDB that is compatible with Cassandra Query Language (CQL).

In this intermediate level course, you will learn a query-first approach to data model design for semi-relational data using YCQL. As such, you will discover the benefits of semi-relational data types, user-defined data types, built-in functions, and secondary indexes.

You can attend and register for this free virtual training here: https://university.yugabyte.com/courses/2022-jun-01-yugabytedb-ycql-development-intermediate-virtual

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