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What we’re about

Welcome to Code Skill Buddy!

We are a Tech Community group for the mobile, web app dev, software engineering, solution architecture, devops enthusiasts from novice to experienced.

We've been conducting various workshops to up-skill your “no coding skill” or existing coding skills in various technologies, platforms.
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You'll learn how to build professional, business native android app, front-end web app, back-end API, microservices from the industry professionals.
Our hands-on workshops for the professionals will help you to become a better developer and you'll learn lots of various tips to build robust, scalable apps, solutions. After completing our workshops - you’ll be in a better position of the Tech job market!
If you have no-skills but have great interest to break into tech job market - this meet-up would be a great place for you!
We've been organising various workshops for the "No Coding Skill" - people to learn programming in a very easy, intuitive way! So keep eyes on our workshops - where it's saying "No Coding Skills Required!".
You'll learn the basic, advance of programming to build native mobile, front-end web, backend APIs. microservice, data science, machine learning, AI based app development by applying latest programming languages, tools, platforms with industry standard.
You will get the HANDS-ON learning experience how to build a front-end web app, backend API, android app and many others - all these sessions will be based on dummy and real-life examples.
This meet-up may comprise with various series of sessions theory and hands on learning on mobile and web technology.
Being a software engineer, I started this group to connect other tech development enthusiasts to help them with learning and growing.
Looking forward to exploring the app development with everybody.
Our events
All our events are created for and by our community. Together, we will build a thriving ecosystem, learning and sharing the latest insights and skills at various of workshops, meetups in a regular basis.
Our members and meet-up groups share their knowledge and skills on the up-and-coming technologies and help us curate a high-quality session of original content featured in our expert-led workshops and meetups.
Our sponsors
We are looking for sponsors, partners to help the community. Your support will help us to curate and organise a continuous stream of opportunities for learning and sharing skills and insights.

Hello all, I've been organising the FREE workshops to help the community to learn and grow. I have to pay the space provider on hourly basis which I've been paying but it's not always possible.
So, I'd appreciate if you could do as little contribution as minimum £5 and as maximum as your wish - it'll help me in future to organise more FREE workshops on various topics on regular basis and help the community to learn and grow. (only CASH will be accepted)

PAID Hands on Learning:
We also provide PAID hands on learning from where you can learn industry best practices and it's more in depth and will help you up-skilling your knowledge and to get tech job.

FREELANCE Project work:
We also take FREELANCE project works - if you have any idea and want your idea to be developed as MVP or ready made product using modern languages and tools - I'll be able to help you on that. For reference have a look on my LinkedIn profile : Or drop me a message on Meet-up.

About me
An established professional architect, technology manager, part time consultant CTO, lead developer with fourteen years web and mobile enterprise solution architecture, development experiences in a broad range of industries, including leading Tier 1 bank, fintech, event, retail marketing and sports entertainment.
Solid understanding and hands on experience of developing enterprise architecture, microservice architecture and custom Machine Learning platform. Proven exceptional skills in leading, managing a multidisciplinary, international project team onsite, remotely through the engagement in business development, as well as in building and maintaining client relationships by utilising agile practices.
Dedicated to continuously learning, developing, implementing, and adopting new technologies to maximise development efficiency and produce latest technology based innovative applications.