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This is a meet-up for the mobile and web app development enthusiasts. You'll learn the basic of programming to build mobile and web app applying latest tools, platforms with industry standard. You will get the HANDS-ON experience how to build an android app, how to build a web app, backend API - all these sessions will be based on real life examples. This meet-up may comprise with various series of sessions theory and hands on learning on mobile and web technology. Being a lead developer, I started this group to connect other app development enthusiasts. Looking forward to exploring the app development with everybody.

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Building frontend app & microservice with ReactJs & Spring Boot

Frontend App Development : What Is React? The setup Components Handling data Props State Backend Api Integration Building frontend ToDo list app with ReactJs >> Break << Backend Microservice Development: What is Microservice? What is Spring Boot and why it is related to microservice Building a microservice with Spring Boot Test REST Api end point calls with Postman >> Break << Call to Microservice from the ReactJs app Test create, get todo list items. Control configuration with Spring Cloud Service routing with Spring cloud and Zuul Securing the microservices Deploying your microservices Resources sharing Q&A, Feedback

Refactoring a monolith into microservices

Areaworks Hoxton - Coworking Space London


In this practical hands on session we'll cover: What is Monolith application? -> Example project and code base What is Microservice architecture? -> Example microservices and code bases Refactoring a monolith into microservices -> Where can we start -> What to splits -> Splits front end, back-end -> Extract services -> Design Glue Code: Anti Corruption Layer Refactoring a sample project Further improvement Deployment Resource sharing Q&A

Building RESTful APIs in Laravel

Fox Court


Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks for building elegant applications. After this workshop you'll be able to build your own API and then integrate the APIs to your mobile or any front end app. In this workshop, you'll learn how to build a RESTful API using Laravel 5.7. Topics include: 1. Reviewing the basics of an API 2. Basic pieces of the Laravel framework 3. Reading, adding, editing, and deleting a record 4. API errors and exceptions 5. Transforming your API data 6. Returning nested and sideloaded data 7. Creating a logging middleware 8. Authenticating to your API 9. Basic and advanced endpoint testing NB: It's a paid session.

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Quick learn to build android app - No prior skills needed!

Areaworks Hoxton - Coworking Space London


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