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My name is Vernon. I am a creativity coach. Most people don't know what creativity coaching is but it's a powerful, life changing way of getting clear and creating the life you want. If you want to change something in your life and you can see having someone support you through that then coaching conversations are the best way to achieve that.

Very often the work I do helps people to realise a creative ambition that they wish to fulfil. It could be writing, painting, singing, photography or any other creative project.

In between developing my coaching practice (limited number of committed clients) and completing my first book I like to offer people the opportunity to have a discovery coaching conversation with me at an agreed location face to face or via Skype to help people work through any blocks or challenges or fears they have. If you lack confidence or clarity then this might just be the group for you.

I will also be running a few co-coaching workshops where people will learn a fun and simple way to coach others. You will love this.

For those not yet ready to talk I will also be available to offer a select few some support via email.

Wishing you a truly fabulous 2016.

Vernon James


ps. To learn more about the work I do you can see a grainy video with clear audio right here!


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FREE Life Coaching For Creatives - Bring Colours To Your Life!

Impact Hub King's Cross

Hi everyone, I’ve met my fellow Vernon a couple of years ago, who introduced me to the world of coaching in his meetups. So far, I’ve taken coaching as a mission and I’m truly happy to be able to impact and develop people’s lives. I’ll be hosting this free workshop to help you kick-start your year. You won’t be the same after it. Is your self-esteem lower than you’d like it to be? Do you struggle to consolidate your monetary gain with what gives you fulfillment? Do you give up easily when facing obstacles in your journey? Do you suffer from blaming yourself for the mistakes you commit? Do you feel there’s a little star inside of you ready to shine up in the sky? Are you eager for changes to happen in your life? If your answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’, then this workshop is for you! I’m a visual artist and life coach, with a background in advertising, marketing and journalism. As a creative, I have worked for international brands including Coca-Cola, Fiat, Intel, MasterCard, Nokia, Renault and Telefonica. During the workshop, we will discuss life, how to develop a new perspective for understanding it and yourself in a positive and balanced way. We will also discuss the 10 steps needed for a proactive mind and what will give you the push you need to make things happen in 2019. Find a way out and put your life back on track! The workshop is free with limited vacancies!

Any Meetup Suggestions? Art, Literature, Performing Arts related?

Hey meetupers, sorry it's been a little quiet here. Please if you have any suggestions for meetups, then by all means get in touch with me! Looking for anything with a creativity connection, which could really be most things! Workshops, talks etc organised by yours truly will be coming soon! Let me know what you'd like to see organised! Vernon

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