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What we’re about

The intention behind this group is to create a solid community while having fun at the same time.

We play football weekly on Wednesday evenings...

**ALL* - Good news: This group is now over 6 months old. Thank God and with your help, *we've had 20-24 players each week*, in the cold, rain and traffic. WELL DONE and thank you all for the efforts.

We do sometimes have issues such as last minute drop outs and disagreements during the game - this negatively impacts others. Most of us play footy for fun and to relax (not to be a Dad or Manager for the night). The organisers invest a lot of time and do not profit from it - we do this for all of us.

To improve this further, we are proposing some basic rules. Following these will avoid being removed from the group/footy nights:

1. Download and RSVP on Meetup *before Monday.*
2. If you can't make it, RSVP Meetup *before Tuesday*.
3. Prepay Ali A by Bank Transfer or PayPal to; *before 8pm Wednesday.*
4. *Arrive at 8pm* - we are booked from 8.30-9.30 but can play from 8-10.
5. Play competitively but in good spirit – NO RONALDO WANNABEES PLEASE.
6. OPPOSING TEAM calls handball, foul, stepping into area - Captains must agree.
7. NO ARMS. Shoulders are okay, but no pushing, pulling, grabbing - its a foul.
8. ANY ARMS touching the ball is handball.
9. NO STEPPING INTO THE BOX unless it’s momentum, must stop run if you do.
10. SCORING TEAM must shout the actual score when their team score.
11. CAPTAINS are responsible for dispute resolution and team discipline.
12. All free kicks are direct.

Thanks again for your efforts. This is sent with best intentions to try to maintain respect and discipline for each other and for the benefit of the group.