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Our Meetup Group:
This is a group for anyone wishing to learn Mandarin. We aim to provide a friendly community for anyone learning or wishing to learn Mandarin Chinese. We welcome people of all levels from beginner to native speaker. To be a member of this group, you need to have a profile photo in which you are recognizable as you. This helps people recognize each other at meetups. This is required as of January 2022. Also, please join the group in your personal capacity, not as a company or organization.

We run small groups for beginners and intermediate learners so they can build up their Mandarin language skills in a friendly, constructive environment. Advanced learners can practice with each other and help beginners. Once or twice a month we will have social and reading meetups for learners of all levels, held online on Zoom, or offline in a venue likely to be in London.

Please note that in our Zoom meetings, participants are encouraged to use the Zoom chat window to write down words and expressions to help each other learn. No participant has the right to restrict how and when another participant uses the chat window. The host has overall responsibility for how the meetup is conducted. Where there is anti-social behaviour, such should be reported to the host.

If you sign up for an event, please show up. If you have a schedule change and can't make it, please change your RSVP to "Not going". All no-shows in all meetups in 2022 have been marked as such, so the attendee lists all reflect actual attendance.

Study Groups:
The Study Groups for beginners and intermediate learners and the Advanced Learners Reading Meetup will be on summer break until early September.

Group Links:
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