• History of Ideas: the Buddha

    Online event


    Join this online workshop to discover the life & ideas of the Buddha, with teaching, breakout rooms and group discussion, led by Jules Evans

    About this event

    The Buddha is a legendary philosopher worshipped as a god by hundreds of millions around the world. But he was also a human being, a prince, who abandoned his privileged upbringing to search for spiritual liberation.

    He thought he discovered a path that others could follow to find healing and 'Nirvana'. It's based on some radical and counter-intuitive ideas - all life is suffering, there is no self, we need to overcome a deeply ingrained 'ego delusion'.

    Do his ideas make sense? Can we follow them without becoming a monk? Does the idea of karma legitimize suffering and injustice? How can we follow his philosophy in modern culture?

    Join this workshop to discuss these ideas, which personally I have found fascinating and helpful in my life.

    The 90 minute session is a combination of teaching, breakout rooms and group discussion, online, with interesting people from around the world, led by Jules Evans, an award-winning practical philosopher.

    'Jules' philosophy club was the best thing we did all season' - Paul Gustard, Saracens RFC

    'Jules' book saved my life' - Adrian Edmondson, comedian

    'Heartily enjoyed Jules Evans' Philosophy for Life' - Derren Brown

    'Jules teaches us that philosophy is not just for stuffy classrooms, it's also for life' - Matthew Syed