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Practical Light Painting

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As we approach Summer, the number of available dark hours will fall - This is the last session until September/October 2013.

The light painting team has collectively completed over 600 hours of training, workshop delivery, and development, to ensure that this workshop runs smoothly and participants benefit from it - Please read the workshop details carefully to ensure that you meet the requirements to avoid being disappointed.

If you have previously attended the light painting workshops please allow people who haven't attended before to have the first chance of attending.


This light painting workshop covers the basic elements required to creatively utilise different light sources to produce a variety of interesting effects.

You will learn how to construct basic orb lights and light rails, be instructed on the proper technique to use them, and you will have multiple attempts to experiment with different colours for orbs and rails. It is anticipated that this workshop will run for 2.5 hours.

Topics covered will include:

Exposure and basic setup Overview of light sources and equipment Construction of light orbs and rails Use of lights to produce: Orbs Tunnels Domes Trails Silhouettes Spirals This is a hands-on workshop, members are expected to use the lights to produce the majority of the photographs in this session. Organisers are there in an instructional capacity to direct members on what they need to do.

Skill level
This course requires basic camera knowledge and competence in it's operation.

You must know:

how to set to manual mode then rotate shutter speed to bulb mode how to set ISO and White Balance how to use a cabled shutter release, including setup how to disable image stabilising and autofocus (which should be on the lens itself) how to disable mirror lock-up and long exposure noise reduction (in the manual or google) All of these settings are in your manual so if you are unsure refer to the manual and bring it with you if needed.

Some post-processing of your images may be required in order to balance extreme contrast ranges, otherwise, all lighting effects are produced in-camera. Therefore it would be an advantage if you are able shoot in RAW format.

Required Equipment
1)A camera with bulb function
2)A wired shutter release
3)A tripod

Due to the requirements to have a minimum of 45 seconds shutter speed to coordinate the entire group for each shot, and to eliminate the possibility of interference, you must have a wired shutter release cable for this session. Remote controls, custom firmware, and built-in timers are not an acceptable substitute and may mean you won't be able to get all the shots.

Please ensure your battery is fully charged. We advise bringing a spare if possible as long exposures and cold eat battery life.

Bring a warm coat as it may get cold.

Organisers will provide all lights and flashguns and any other accessories to be used.