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* Looking for a home poker game in London?
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* Play online and looking to sit down and play LIVE poker?

London Poker Meetup (LPM) is currently the largest poker group on Meetup, Worldwide. We’re a friendly, welcoming group of poker enthusiasts and amateur players based in and around London who meet up regularly to discuss poker, arrange friendly home poker games and play small stakes tournaments in pubs, clubs, public cardrooms and (occasionally) casinos. We also neck a few frosty ones together from time to time, play online poker together (badly) at a variety of sites and badmouth each other on the LPM forum.

We play ALL sorts of games, from Texas Holdem to PLO, Omaha 8 to Razz, H.O.R.S.E., Triple Draw, Irish, you name it we play it, so if you've ever wanted to learn OTHER games (as well as Holdem) and learn them cheaply then London Poker Meetup is the place!

With weekly games to suit all comfort and experience levels and buyins ranging from £5 - £50 there should be something to suit everyone. Join us (it's free!) and find out why we're the friendliest people to play poker with in London!

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My “Not BH Monday Game” Deep Stack £30 + £10 Bounty - N14

ANY NEW PLAYER RSVP-ING, MUST TEXT ME ON[masked] TO CONFIRM YOUR WHEN SIGNING UP OR The Seat goes to known regular players. USUAL RAKE per Person, Per Game: Coke or Fanta ZERO Or Multi Pack of Crisps. ==================================== NB. SILVER LABLE DIET COKE IS NOT ZERO !!! 😂 ==================================== A New game to be played now & then if it proves to be popular 7pm and 6 Levels late Registration ONE Re Entry permitted up to L6 Buy in: £30 + £10 Freezeout. 3K Bonus Chips if Seated at 7pm Start Starting Stack: 20,000 Blind Levels: 20 mins Top 3 Paid with 10 - 17 Runners 50%-30%-20% - No Deals when 4. Top 4 with 18+ Runners 42%-30%-20%-8% - Deal can be discussed with 5 players remaining. If the game and expected numbers turn up, I calculate the Finish to be around 1AM. BIG BLIND ANTE at Level 6 NEW & OLD GAME PLAY RULES AND ETIQUETTE. F We are here to have fun & Play Poker. So to keep game flow and attention on the game, Phones & Tablets CAN NOT BE USED AT THE TABLES. If you can’t keep them in your pocket, a Box in the Bar will be provided. If you are not seated at the table when the final card has been dealt, Your cards are Mucked. STRING BETTING is not valid....If ONE Chip lands on the table first and No Verbal "Raise" was heard, then the 1chip denotes a "Call" If you BET or FOLD Out of Turn - you Sit Out the next Hand. The Next time you Bet or Fold Out of Turn - You Miss a Round. Please DO NOT Cover your cards so all can see you are still playing. A 30 second clock will be started AFTER 2 minutes thinking time has passed. The Next person to act, gets 30 seconds Unless there is a Significant change in the Action. If no player calls Clock, the House will. Your First VERBAL declaration will stand. All disputed hands or situations will hopefully be resolved by the players but if a ruling is asked for, you must abide by that decision. I WILL NOTE Tolerate Aggressive behaviour by Any Player.... Newbie or Regular. If I have Stepped in and asked for it to stop and it does not, I will ask Both Players to Leave the Table for 2-3 Minutes to Cool Down. Any further incidents will be met with Stronger Sanctions.... Sounds Like a UN Speech :-) Unless it’s a True Emergency that takes you away from the table, your chips will be forfeited and any possible cash with it. You need to be in it, to win it !! Let’s continue to have fun ! My 13th Year and looking forward to many more. See you at the table or tables, AKalldaylong

Pottsy’s Home Game August 2019

Location visible to members

* * * IMPORTANT - MEMBERS OF MEET-UP WHO WOULD LIKE TO COME PLEASE TEXT ME ON[masked] WITH YOUR FULL NAME, I’LL TEXT THE FULL ADDRESS - THANKS * * * I’ve just about finished off all the alcohol left behind from the last one so I guess it’s time I started organising another home game. We’re flying in the face of tradition yet again and going for another Saturday this time round, so the date for your diaries is Saturday 24th August 2019 @ 18:10hrs. FORMAT: Different format this August, as hinted at in the run up to the April game, I’m going to experiment with a ‘Shoot Out’ format this time round, which will mean we shouldn’t have such a long wait for side games/Sit ‘n’ Gos to get going once players have busted out. Another good thing about a shootout is there’ll be no table balancing, so you’ll be playing with the same people for the whole game and not being moved after working so hard to establish that tight/loose/maniacal (delete as appropriate) image for an hour! How it Works: 8k stack, 20 minute clock, blinds start at 25/50 off the Button. Each table will play down to the last two on each table, and those players from each table will go on to make up the Final Table. As soon as a table gets to Heads Up, that Table is closed and those two players progress to the FT. If by the time of the Dinner Break (end of Level 8) a Table has *not* got down to Heads Up I will announce ‘Last Three Hands’ after which who progresses will be decided by a chip count, with the players with the two largest chipstacks going through to the Final Table. The FT will start after the Dinner Break and will be dealer dealt. The FT should be 8-10 handed (assuming we have 4/5 tables). Players do not carry forward the stacks from their previous table but instead will start anew with another 8k stack and Blinds will be rolled back to 25/50. I expect the FT to reach a conclusion after approximately 3hrs. The top 9 players will be paid (saver for 9th) and a Bubble Prize for 10th. Everyone at the FT gets an ice cream. Probably. If I remember. SIDE GAMES: I anticipate side games will get going from between 7pm and 8pm. Cash games will be the usual Dealers Choice (by orbit) and we'll run a 25p/50p (or higher if requested) Hold’em table for them that can only count up to two. There will also be a 5p/10p game going (probably RoE) as that was where the real action was last time. If people would prefer to play Sit ‘n’ Gos that’s always another option. Anything goes. No fixed finish time. PARKING: There’s free parking in my street and all surrounding streets on Saturday after 17:30hrs, it’s Pay & Display until then. Arrive any time you like as I'll be in all day, but be aware that this might mean your being roped into suiting decks, setting up tables, making up stacks and what not. RUNNING LATE? We'll start at 6.10pm on the dot, registration from 5pm or whenever, if you show up early. I already know who’s going to be late but feel free to text me and let me know anyway (on [masked]) and we’ll laugh as we blind you out. FOOD & DRINK: I’ll order about 20 x pizzas of various flavours (yes, including spicy) to appear at around 9pm, and provide more or less unlimited soft drinks. Bring your own booze! Fried Potatoes from Potato Castle will also be a thing. I’d greatly appreciate it if everyone could kick in a £5 for food as I was about £70 adrift last time! I anticipate we will probably be 36-45 runners over 4/5 tables. We’ll see how numbers look closer to the time, but please let me know if you’re able to make it or not and I’ll update the runner list as we go. As always, let me know if there’s someone I don’t know but you want to invite and you think would fit in 👌🏼 Please only RSVP if you’re coming. If you’re a maybe, just RSVP ‘maybe’. Eye thankew. p.s. As per usual there will be a quick photo before we start so we can collectively flip Rick Theobald The Bird. It’s a thing. See you then! Buyin: £20 + £0 Format: Shoot Out. Starting Stack: 8k (same at FT) Clock: 20 mins throughout Runners: Max 45 FT: 10 handed + dealer Payouts: Top 9 (assumes 45 runners) 1st - £260 2nd - £185 3rd - £135 4th - £100 5th - £75 6th - £55 7th - £40 8th - £30 9th - £20 10th - Bubble Prize Structure: Subject to tweaks! Start Time: 6.10pm [masked]-[masked] 10 minute break [masked]-[masked] Approx 9pm - 30m Dinner break Expected finish 00.30am - 1.00am Cash can go on until whenever.

Newbies £10 tournament

The Arena Club & Sports Bar

The Arena club is a classy sports bar and Indian restaurant. Situated underground it offers a large games area for poker and such. The Monday nights games will run weekly and is primarily for beginners who want to learn how to play. Food and drinks can be served at the table. Freeze-out tournament (no re-buys or add-ones) You can re-enter after being eliminated during the first hour. No fee is charged for playing. All of the buy-in money is put into the prize-pool. The entrance of the club is a small doorway and hallway with stairs leading down. You will find it between the pizzeria and estate agents. Please contact the manager of the club (Naresh) with any queries you may have on his number [masked]

Poker at The Cats Back

The Cats Back

Established friendly game looking to boost number in the tournament from around 18 to 27 (three tables). 5 pound entry. 3 rebuys in first hour and an add on at break. Great venue selling good food and drink. Very friendly inclusive regular players. Plese let me know if you plan on playing as we have had to turn people away in the past due to too many players.

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Poker at The Cats Back

The Cats Back

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