LCS Group Healing Night - All Welcome


Our Healing Nights are a divine gateway to reconnect with your Soul, awaken inner peace, love, joy, warmth, centredness and spiritual connection. It is a place for all to come and experience energy healing and we often have participants who are completely new to energy healing alongside those that come back to relax, revitalise and tune in to the inner peace we receive from this experience.

Come along and join many others in the heart of London as we provide a beautiful sacred sanctuary for you to experience direct spiritual healing from our certified and trained energy healers who offer their time and skills in service. Group energy is incredibly powerful as it amplifies the healing experience and this is why these healing nights have been so popular running for over 8 years in London!


Please note this is a small healing night - Maximum 40 participants only. We highly recommend booking online.

Online Price £10
On the Door £12 (cash only)
Concessions: £5 (Limited: We have 7 spaces kept aside for concessions. First come first served basis). Bring proof (senior, benefits)


{ This is a non-profit event, run entirely by volunteers, from organisers to healers.
All profits go to charity; We will inform you on the evening the specific cause }

NOTE TO HEALERS (those giving healing)
This event is run by LCS sourced Healers. If you want to register, please click here:

NOTE TO PARTICIPANTS (those receiving healing)

If this is your first time ever experiencing healing/energy, it is a very gentle yet powerful form of relaxation. It is felt as heat that emanates from the practitioner's hands into your body, travelling through the various layers of your energetic system: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This energy carries the frequency of Unconditional Love and is known to move to transmute blockages, pains, life issues - into light, wisdom and truth.

• The evening begins with an introduction to energy healing to answer any questions you may have which is followed by a short meditation to help you relax

• Healers are invited to start where a healer approaches, stands behind you and gently touches your shoulder to let you know they are beginning the healing.

• Healers use hands on or hands off technique, both just as powerful. They gently direct healing energy into your body, which travels where it's needed.

•The healer will gently touch your shoulders when they have finished (sessions ranging 3 -5 mins). There are multiple healers moving around the room.

• All you have to do is simply close your eyes and relax! There is no need to try and clear your mind - simply open yourself to receiving. Take note of your thoughts, feelings (if you like) and enjoy the experience of inner re-alignment to your natural state of Love.

• If you are not directly receiving healing from a healer, please sit back and relax in the group healing energy that accumulates in the room. It is extremely powerful and if you have never meditated before, you will find it easier to relax in this peaceful ambiance.

• We close the healing with a short meditation.

MEMBER COMMENTS from previous Healing Nights

"Wonderful- thank you to the hosts and healers for their time and lovely energy."

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening. Healers were amazing. Beautiful experience. Xxx"

"An amazing evening - thank you so much for creating the container for this to manifest such healing vibrations. I feel reborn!"