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DevOps is not the set of tools, not a job title, not a department in the company, not a new Software Development Methodology but it's a culture of collaborative working for faster software releases. The DevOps transformation is the process of creating a culture for faster software delivery. DevOps is vast and to understand it one should read the novel : "The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps and Helping Your Business Win"

The London Test Automation in DevOps [#LondonTAD] is group of Test Automation Engineers working in DevOps and CI/CD culture. The DevOps Culture has been adopted by most of the companies and QA roles has changed a lot to adopt this culture. DevOps is not complete without effective test automation strategies. This group will discuss the QA strategies which companies are following to fit into DevOps Culture.

• Topics Covered

We will be covering various topics coving various tools that supports faster releases of Web and Mobile Apps. We will cover QA and Test Automation Approach and tools being used in DevOps world. Continuous Testing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Monitoring will be at the heart of this meetup. We will cover test automation setup of deployments pipeline for application written in major programming languages including Python Ruby C, C++, C#,Java, Kotlin, Scala, JavaScript, PHP, Swift.There will be wide variety of tools that we will cover for respective languages Web and Mobile Test automation Tools like Selenium, WebDriver, Appium, Expresso, XCUITest etc. Various tools from xUnit Family like JUnit, NUnit, PHPUnit, MiniTest, unittest etc. BDD Supporting tools like Cucumber, RSpec, SpecFlow, PHPSpec, Jasmine, Mocha etc. Build Automation Tools Make, Maven, Gradle, Ant, Rake, Fastlane, etc CI Servers likeJenkins, TeamCity, TFS, TravisCI, CircleCI, Xcode Server etc. Inshort everything related to testing in DevOps.

Talk Themes

We will covers topics with following themes

• Integrating Test Automation in CI/CD Pipeline

• Continuous Testing for DevOps

• Test Automation rules for CI/CD

• Non functional testing e.g Load, Performance, Security and Accessibility in DevOps

• Continuous Test Automation

• Stubbing, Mocking, Service Visualisation for Test Automaton

• Testing in Production

• Many more

Hope you will enjoy those topics and come up with your own those fits in your DevOps Culture.

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QAOps in the API World at Nexmo


Hello All, We are glad to announce our second meetup of 2019 on QAOps in the API World. Big thanks to our sponsors Nexmo. We currently have one talk from Nexmo and potentially have another once confirmed. Talk 1: QAOps in the API World Leonidas Kanellopoulos, SDET (Software developer in Test) at Nexmo. A bit about Nexmo: Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, provides tools for voice, messaging and phone verification, allowing developers to embed programmable communications into mobile apps, websites and business systems. Nexmo enables enterprises to reimagine their digital customer experiences by providing them with the tools they need to easily communicate information to customers in real-time through text messaging, chat, social media and voice. Talk2: TBC Agenda: 6:00 PM: Door Opens 6: 30: Food, Drinks and Networking 7: 00: Introduction 7:05: Talk1: QAOps in the API World 7:45: Talk2: TBC Don't miss an opportunity to learn more about API testing and QAOps. Look forward to see you on 28th Feb at the Nexmo office. Regards, Shashi

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