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Machine Learning in Testing

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Shashikant J. and 2 others
Machine Learning in Testing


First meetup of 2019

Glad to announce our first ever meetup of 2019 on Machine Learning and QA Automation. Thanks to TestCraft for sponsoring this event.

Here are some details

Talk 1: "Can CreateML or AI/ML tools used for testing iOS Apps?

There are so many AI/ML-based testing tools hitting the market to test various types of applications. There are few tools to support iOS apps testing as well. This talk will explore
- how AI-based tools are testing iOS apps at the moment
- What are the challenges for testing iOS apps with AI/ML-based tools?
- How Apple's brand new CreateML framework can be used to train machine learning models. We will see if CreateML can be used for testing iOS Apps?
By end of this talk, you will learn how to train a machine learning model using a few lines of code.

Speaker: Shashikant Jagtap

Shashikant is an organiser of this group (London Test Automation in DevOps) but he also works with iOS apps. This time he has to give the talk at the meetup organised by himself :)

Talk 2: "How Machine Learning Is Used in the New Age of QA Automation Tools"

ML or artificial intelligence (AI) tools are the hottest topics right now in the testing industry, however, QA managers and manual testers have little to no knowledge of it. Thus, Merav, an automation enthusiast at TestCraft will go into the aspects of ML functionality and explain the importance of ML & codeless Selenium – with real examples, statistics, and applications. Join us for an engaging conversation and tasty refreshments.

This presentation will cover:
- Digital transformation
- Selenium challenges
- Live examples
- How to leverage machine learning
- Is it really working? The statistics behind a successful ml algorithm
- End with a Q&A session and survey results

Merav Zaks, automation enthusiast at TestCraft
Merav is an entrepreneur and a business strategist. She was TestCraft's first hire in order to analyze the software testing market and lead the business strategy accordingly.
Since then Merav has managed to build a flourishing QA community with over 16K members and mapped the testing market. She also has become proficient in existing solutions, challenges, and trends while sharing this knowledge with the growing audience.


* 6:00 PM - Door Opens
* 6:30 - Networking + Food
* 7:00 - Introduction
* 7:05 - Talk 1: Machine Learning in iOS App Testing-CreateML
* 7:35 - Talk 2: Talk 2: "How Machine Learning Is Used in the New Age of QA Automation Tools"
* 8:15 - Q&A and Wrap up

Don't miss the opportunity to learn about machine learning in the world of QA automation tools.
Mindspace Shoreditch
9 Appold Street · London
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