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19:00 - Event starts

19:20 - Shashikant Jagtap - ATDD with Behat and Selenium

19:45 - Chris Ware - Automating the FT's HTML5 webapp

19:55 - Haroon Rasheed - Tracking your Selenium tests

20:10 - Daniel Wagner-Hall - Selenium's Continuous Integration Setup

20:35 - Break

20:45 - Lightning talks (depending on interest)

21:05 - Main event ends, food & drink available

21:30 - Event ends


Shashikant Jagtap - Shashikant worked as QA in various domains like social media, healthcare, e-commerce in the UK using Selenium and PHP. In his talk he will be exploring how Behat/Mink can help testers in API testing and browser automation with Selenium+Behat. He also runs the London Behat Users meetup group, and is a mad fan of Twitter! Follow him @Shashikant86

Chris Ware - Chris Ware is the front-end tech lead at the Financial Times and has been involved with the development of, the HTML5 webapp and automated testing frameworks across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Test automation for complex mobile webapps, particularly ones using touch/swipe interaction, localstorage for offline and native wrappers is in its infancy and Chris has been trying to find ways to successfully use tools such as Selenium, Webdriver and others to provide maintainable and reliable automated test suites.

He will be presenting the beginnings of how the FT might automate its HTML5 webapp and is keen to discuss with anyone who has experienced similar tribulations about how to go about doing this successfully!

Haroon Rasheed - Haroon will be presenting the lessons his team has learnt from having a big code base of Selenium tests for acceptance testing. He will cover different ways they have developed to track their tests across different projects and how this has helped them to identify flaky tests.

Haroon has worked as a Test Lead in Automation for the Financial Times for the last 4 years, and has been working as a software engineer in test for more than 11 years. Like most of us, Haroon started with WinRunner and then moved to QTP. He was introduced to Selenium five years ago and never looked back. He was one of the core committers to an open source test framework Tellurium ( (, which was developed on top of selenium to get people write tests quicker by leveraging the page object model pattern.

Daniel Wagner-Hall - Daniel set up and maintains the continuous integration server for the Selenium project; every check in runs several hundred tests in 30+ browser/version/OS combinations, totalling 3.5 days of tests every day! In this talk, he will talk about the challenges involved, different approaches tried (local VMs, cloud providers, external browser providers), the current state of affairs and plans for the future. Hopefully, you'll walk away avoiding some of the dead-ends Selenium went through, and with some ideas for setting up, or improving your own set up.

Daniel has been a selenium committer for three years. He works at Google enabling teams to test with browsers, by working on Selenium and browser provisioning infrastructure, and helping teams with problems they face.