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Long Now London 02021.03

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Cathedrals & Forestry

This month, let's start with some maintenance and "cathedral thinking".

Many people in this group will be familiar with the tale of the roof of New College, Oxford (https://blog.longnow.org/02014/12/31/humans-and-trees-in-long-term-partnership/).

A couple of related stories have been in the news recently. The links below contain some brief introductions and a couple of deeper dives into related topics.

"Row over UK tree-planting drive: 'We want the right trees in the right place'" - The Guardian, Feburary[masked]https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/feb/23/row-over-uk-tree-planting-drive-we-want-the-right-trees-in-the-right-place

"France on hunt for centuries-old oaks to rebuild spire of Notre Dame"

For those with the time/inclination to dig deeper:

"Building a Cathedral" by Nicholas Kemper for The Prepared:

"Hail the Maintainers" by Andrew Russell & Lee Vinsel for Aeon:

(hearty thanks to Justina for sharing these in our Discord recently.

Thinking ahead: if you have suggestions for jumping off points for future calls, please do share them. It'd be great to have an outline title for the next call before this one ends and, as ever, it's better when it doesn't come from me!)

Long Now London 02021.04

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April 02021.
Details to follow.

Long Now London 02021.05

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May 02021.
Details to follow.

Long Now London 02021.06

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June 02021.
Details to follow.

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