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What we’re about

Are you a beginner to intermediate musician or singer and would like to have a real jam session with other artists in a band type jam session.

This is the perfect stepping stone from learning to play by yourself to playing with others without the intimidation of jumping in with expert, professional musicians.

My name is Eric. My son and I started a guitar Meet up, Looney-Tunez, and we love it.
I play the guitar and sing, but would love to jam with bass players, drummers, keyboard players, etc etc LIve. I have found some people that share this interest, so we decided to make it happen.

This is a group for those who sing/dance, or play an instrument, and would like to jam with others in a band type jam session. If you have never been in a band before but have always wanted to, this Meet up is for you.

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If you are a guitar player, check out our Guitar Meet up at