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Techniques for Talent Acquisition
Whether you're a hiring manager or a job hunter, come learn the secrets about candidate selection and job placement. Managers: Is your team’s workload growing faster than you can hire new talent? Do you agonize over which candidate would be best for your team? Do you have trouble persuading candidates to say yes, even when it looks like a perfect fit? Come to our workshop, we can help. The goal of this class is to give attendees a distillation of best practices for creating new job positions and filling them. Taught by a long time engineering leader and hiring manager, it has a unique analytical approach that will resonate with engineers. This workshop will be the mentor they always needed. Hands-On Exercises * The Job Posting * Evaluating Resumes * Ranking and Selecting Candidates Audience Takeaways * Toolkit for making hiring tasks a more routine part of the job * Unique, analytical methodology for evaluating candidates fairly If you contact the instructor in advance, and come prepared, you will also take away: * A completed job posting that’s been hard to finish * A custom, analytical ranking system for filling their most stubborn job opening * A stack of evaluated resumes

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LOPSA-LA (the Los Angeles chapter of LOPSA ( provides a social/professional forum for local system administrators through meetings consisting of an informal dinner and/or technical presentation.

We also educate the community in the practice of system administration by providing professional instruction in system administration at conferences; and expand LOPSA membership through grassroots outreach.

We meet on the third Tuesday of the month in L.A.

LOPSA-LA started out as the sysadmin SIG of UUASC-LA (

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