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What we’re about

Welcome to Los Angeles Christian Meetup - Interactive Church & Hangout!! This group is perfect for folks who are: seeking to meet and connect with other Christians in a spirit of authenticity and love for the truth (without the pressure of joining any particular church institution as it is, etc); loving the idea of discussing the Bible and just matters of Christian life=sharing the Christian life together (even outside of the formal context of one’s church membership or duty expectations associated with it); even folks who have been let down by aspects of a church experience, lack of church unity/“hypocrisy” etc etc at times seen with some institutions or hurt by disappointing/false representations of Christianity but seek to renew their faith or just “keep clean” their relationship with God and still be a part of His people; into the idea of worshipping and fellowshipping with other Christians in such a manner; excited about the prospects of having an interactive church-prayer-worship-experience with any and all Christian-life questions answered; lovers of deeper conversation; desiring forgiveness and healing; realizing the need of some valuable friends, the demand and need for those invaluable resources in Christ; in quest of the truth and having any questions about God (while staying kind, respecting this group’s purpose and people’s beliefs :); interested in finding Christian soul-mates, friends and other life-adventurers; perhaps refreshing a Christian network? We will be meeting together and also diving into groups based on interests, such as those expressed above. We can’t wait to meet you, have fun and grow together!!! :)