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0 to 50,000 Customers with Roland Ligtenberg
Join a fireside chat with Roland Ligtenberg, the Co-Founder & VP of Growth at Housecall Pro. Event is 100% hosted by Josh Fechter, Co-Founder & CEO at BAMF Media. You'll learn: - How to build natural virality in your product. - The growth framework to relentlessly prioritize & execute new channels. - How to leverage human psychology to cultivate radical evangelism. Registration *required* here: Free early bird admission (limited availability, so register now), otherwise it is $12.24. Roland Ligtenberg, Co-Founder and VP of Growth and Business Development at Housecall Pro, is passionate about finding scalable growth channels through relentless zero-to-one execution. He loves creating product growth loops while simultaneously building out operationally & CAC efficient sales and marketing teams. Housecall Pro is revolutionizing the SMB home services industry through a SaaS-enabled marketplace & mobile operating system. In under 4 years, 50,000+ home service professionals use the platform on average 7.5 hours a day to streamline and modernize their business through automation. Billions of dollars of home service work are transacted through the platform yearly. Previously, he was part of the founding team at Qualcomm Labs and many other industries like diving, poker, painting, and EDM. In his free time, he enjoys piloting his fleet of drones, traveling internationally, and watching the last seasons of Vikings & GoT. You can find him on LinkedIn here:


423 E Washington Blvd · Los Angeles, ca

What we're about

Entrepreneurship is empowerment - and social capital is currency.

We are part of one of the largest business alliances in Southern California for entrepreneurs and business professionals - with over 30,000 combined members. More on this below.

If you're working on business #1 ... or even business #100, this community is here to help make valuable connections with potential business partners or investors, as well as learn from experts regarding the skillsets and mindsets necessary to succeed in today's entrepreneurial environment.

Our members include but are not limited to: entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate executives, company representatives, tech professionals, creative arts professionals, angel and accredited investors, startup experts, revolutionary startup entrepreneurs looking to change the world - or their local community (lean, bootstrap, crowdfunding, or venture capital focused), and people seeking to expand their professional development and/or network.

The Harvard Business Review has noted: "Face-to-face communication is the broadest bandwidth communication you can have in professional life", and we believe the current business environment will continue a transition towards what thought leader Seth Godin ( refers to as the "connection economy" - where value is increasingly created through the connections we make and less so through industrialism.

Therefore we endeavor to provide networking and educational events that will be uniquely effective in initiating professional connections, developing important relationships, and leveraging social capital to grow a business and increase personal influence.

It only takes one person to change our personal or professional lives. Undoubtedly, you will make new connections at our events likely to change yours... forever. Every event will have its own unique opportunities. Every. Single. One. It's "about time" to enhance your Networking ROI:

- Return on financial investment.
- Return on time investment.
- Return on emotional investment.
- Return on influence.
- Return on integrity.
- Return on ideas.

Thank you for your consideration in sharing this group with your network, and/or bringing a friend or business associate with you to our events. As author and thought leader Simon Sinek noted:

"We do not become great leaders, we do not fulfill our potential when we work to see ourselves grow or rise. It is when we devote ourselves to seeing those around us rise that we actually grow. And when the people we care about also work to see us grow, then they too will grow... The only true way for any of us to grow, to truly fulfill our full potential, is when we work to help others do the same."

I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event. :-)


Doug Means

More about us:

We are part of one of the largest business alliances in Southern California for entrepreneurs and business professionals. Since 2004 we've scheduled face-to-face networking events, workshops, speaker events and professional development opportunities to support the Southern California business community. Our organization was established in San Diego, and is now rapidly expanding within Greater Los Angeles:

Please consider joining our 1000+ person LinkedIn group:

And also our BRAND NEW group to carry on chat & conversations with people you've met at our events on Facebook! No self-promoting spam though please - it's your opportunity to show your generosity to others in the community first. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Our events continue the spirit of service to the small business community - and honor the memory - of Southern California business leader Rod Means (1938-2015).

Thank you.

"Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art." - Andy Warhol

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