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Meet other people who are interested in hiking and walking for exercise, and attending various other fun events such as bicycling, kayaking, river rafting, etc. We sometimes have BBQs, sometimes have fundraisers, sometimes have parties and even go on exotic vacations....but mostly it is about hiking and having fun in the outdoors. You will find adventure on the various trails in the surrounding greater Los Angeles area which could even include downtown L.A. walks, or restaurants in other areas, with a varied leader mix of levels to choose from either beginners, intermediate and advanced hikers.

The hike leaders in this group aren't professional hike leaders. You are responsible for yourself. By signing up for these events, you agree not to hold the Meetup organizers of LA Hiking Group responsible for whatever happens to you on these events. LA Hiking Group does not certify the expertise of the organizers,the event or assistant organizers (hike leaders) and.LA Hiking Group is NOT responsible for any possible losses or injuries.

For safety and liability reasons you MUST have a clear PHOTO of yourself on your profile that shows up on the listings.

Any interest in volunteering for the Angeles National Forest....see more info on www.mtlowe.net (http://www.mtlowe.co)

Upcoming events (4+)

Hike to Mt. Hollywood, Griffith Park, Fire Roads Only

Merry Go Round Lot Two

We will meet at the steps of Parking Lot 2 past the Merry Go Round.
This is a moderately paced hike of about 4.5 miles R/T, elevation gain 1400ft, fire roads only, no single-track trails.

[Dual Speed walk ] - fast cardio & medium pace, Christmas lights and socialize

Location visible to members

[Dual Speed walk ] - fast cardio & medium pace, Christmas lights and socialize.

two groups of different speed, starting simultaneously. you can join either per your liking.
[Fast Cardio] 4-4.5 miles/hour
[Medium Pace] 3 miles/ hour (usually led by Lori)
each level depends on hosts' availability for the night.

Total distance is expected to be 4-5 miles. Bring a warm jacket, and water. no breaks or waiting unless by special request

Cross posted and RSVPs from other groups will be added as guests

Please only use comments section for
Essential communication, avoid excessive notifications to both hosts and attendees.

Liability reasons Please arrange your own travel privately, thank you.
all of our events are free and purely for the purpose of community building

Griffith Park steep trails to Mt Hollywood

Griffith Park Merry Go Round Lot 2

2 hours
Elevation 1500 ft
6 Miles
Moderate pace/keep the heart pumping
50% Grade
MEET at Merry Go Round Parking lot 2 by the steps


We will hike steep and challenging trails.

Please be on TIME. We leave at 4.

We may catch the sunset at Mount Hollywood or at Vista View Point.
We move at a modest/intermediate pace, but we will stop at a few of the peaks to enjoy the scenery and take pictures of the amazing views.

Please be aware that Assistant Organizers, Event Hosts, and support hikers are volunteers organize hikes without compensation and assume absolutely no responsibility for you or your guests. By signing up for a hike, or any other event organized by this group, you are acknowledging that you are aware and made your guests aware of the risks, dangers, and hazards associated with any outdoor activity, and you accept, and fully assume all such risks, dangers, and hazards, and further agree to release, and discharge the Organizer, Assistant Organizers, and Event Hosts from, and against any, and all liability arising from your and your guest's participation in the group activities. Please see the Meetup terms of service agreement https://www.meetup.com/terms/

Griffith Park Hike @ Merry Go Round Lot

Griffith Park Merry Go Round Lot 2

This hike is 4.5 miles/800 ft is known to the regulars as the "backyard hike" and it is NOT a Beginner Hike. Most of the elevation gain is in a short period of time. The trail on the steep ascent is hard to find because of the fires, so a little bit of adventure is required for this hike. This hike is @ 100 minutes and NO ANIMALS ALLOWED

Legend for hikes: These hikes run year 'round every Tuesday. In the leader's (subjective) mind, the hikes are generally easiest the first Tuesday of the month and most challenging the last Tuesday of the month, with everything progressive in between. Beginners are encouraged to come to the first Tuesday of the month. Beginners will receive doses of encouragement the second Tuesday of the month to keep up if unable. The 3-4-5 Tuesday's of the month it is expected anyone that can't keep up with the leader will turn back

The fine print:
Wildlife (snakes, bobcats, mountain lions etc) seen in the park, be aware of your surroundings and stay alert at all times.

Some of the rangers have begun to enforce that hikers only hike on designated trails, although there are no firm rules stated. We may go in areas the rangers consider ticketable. We haven't encountered any problems in the past.

Bring Along:

Hiking boots and at least 1 Liter Water. Layered clothing in case it's cold. Long pants in case it's hot, to prevent being bitten by insects. Mosquito and tic spray (available at Sports Chalet) are recommended.

No bright (white) flashlights. Red, Blue flashlights are ok.
If you get to the lot after we meet, Sierra Club hikes start at 7:00PM on the opposite end of the lot.
We do start ON TIME, no matter how much traffic is on the freeways, inside the park, including if our parking lots are being used by movie crews. Allow yourself enough time for any unexpected surprises.

From 134 Freeway:
(Note, if you are not familiar with Griffith Park Drive, this is a dark single lane route. You are better off taking I5 directions)

Exit Forest Lawn. (If coming from Westbound go straight, from Eastbound, Go Right). Make a left on Zoo Drive. Make a right hand turn on Griffith Park Drive. Road weaves through Griffith Park. Continue on road until you hit Crystal Springs Road. Make a right hand turn on Crystal Springs. There's no street sign at the next stop sign. Look for the sign in the median stating "Merry-Go-Round Parking" with an arrow, follow the arrow. Continue up the road. The road forces you to make a sharp right hand turn into a parking lot, this is Lot 1. Go through the parking lot. You'll hit a small dark road (it's lit if it's daylight savings time) which will take you to Parking Lot 2. This is the parking lot where we meet. We meet next to the driveway that takes you down to parking Lot 3.

From Interstate 5 (either direction)
Go West on Los Feliz. Make a right on Riverside drive into Griffith Park. Go two stop signs and make a left turn. Continue up the road. The road forces you to make a sharp right hand turn into a parking lot. Go through the parking lot. You'll hit a small dark road (it's lit if it's daylight savings time) for a short period of time, followed by a brightly lit lot. Park in the back of the lot (the part you entered in). Meet at the back of the lot, where the driveway to the lower part of the lot is. It's close to the "No Practice Driving Allowed" sign is.

Where to meet: If you know the park well, it is Merry Go Round Lot #2, just at the path to the lower lot. (http://angeles.sierraclub.org/griffith/griffith_park_map.html)

If you'd like a visual, here is a map. (http://angeles.sierraclub.org/griffith/griffith_park_map.html)


for Visual Map of Driving Directions from Ranger Station

Put these coordinates in google maps for exact directions from your location:[masked],[masked]

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