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It will be too cold and too wet for everyone, Ladies, Im sorry but I must cancel. however, make the Thursday Group becasue It'll be drier and flatlands only ....


Novice/Beginner level - 5K Conditioning, under 4 miles round trip and under 2.5 hours. The Group will meet at the Rangers Station on the West Side of Griffith Park. Be aware: there will be cool weather heading to destination UNKNOWN and a little cooler returning back to the Ranger Station. Get into the station early because I AM LEAVING AT four thirty PM sharp maybe one or two minutes later. That's all the time I'm waiting ...

The destination and the "amount of stops" are at the discretion of the Hike leader totally. However, The the main objective of this hike is to test how conditioned we are for the new year and there will be no exceptions ... Our Focus is CONDITIONING our fitness levels ... NO initial destination, however the goal is to prepare for 5K Walking/ Running Charity Events. " This will not be a RUNNING or TRAIL BLAZING EVENT And the goal is to record your condition after a set amount of time and distance. This will be a semi-structured event. "

We may do this event coming up - 5 K walk/run in Glendale (

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Attention:There will be trails, NO climbing, NO jumping, some jogging, some fast and slow walking and NO people getting lost, some people whining and angry ... but there will be a definite sense of We Can Complete a 5K. The Glendale Downtown Dash Is on March 10, 2013. This is a Training event BUT this hike is focused on conditioning mostly. All are welcome to this family/friendly environment Dogs, brats and crybabies are welcome, yet if you're a know it all, speed demon or minion ? .... today is isn't your day, not on this hike. " In Deeds we trust ! "

Wear hiking shoes or trail runners, 2 pairs of socks, bring a good attitude, water, sunscreen, camera, and some snacks, I may get hungry ....

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