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Gals On the Go! (series) Semi-Beginner and Beginner level: Level 2/3 Hiking/Incline Conditioning, under 5 miles round trip and around 2.5 hours. There will be one or two major Incline. the goal is to condition your body to inclines. This is a timed event. The Group will meet at the Stairs. " If you miss this group there will be a 6:30 PM Hiking group for you to attend that will meet in Parking Lot Two on the other end of lot 2, Thank you.Park in the Lot above above and to the West of the Merry-Go-Round. There are three parking Lots. the first one is parking lot one and the one Next to the Merry-Go-Round is parking Lot three. The Stairs are in Parking Lot 2.

"This will not be a RUNNING, TRAIL BLAZING or Death Marching EVENT"
Attention:There will be Inclines, trails, fire roads, paved roads, one shot at climbing, NO jumping, some jogging,trotting and some fast and slow walking. The destination and the "amount of stops" are at the discretion of the Hike leader totally. Our Focus is to CONDITION. Therefore, to do this requires Time, Distance, Inclines and Consistency ... This Group is great for the preparation of 5K Walking Events, Rehabilitation of injuries and beginner hikers preparing to move up to a level 5 Intermediate or more Hike.
" In Deeds we trust ! "
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Wear hiking shoes or trail runners. Bring 2 pairs of socks, bring a good attitude, water, sunscreen, bug spray, a thin jacket, Mp3 player.
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THIS IS NOT A PICK-UP HIKE ! Guys are welcome too ... but if you get weird or creepy, Zero Tolerance, TRUST !