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Camp Oakwilde in the Arroyo

Hosted by Los Angeles Hiking Group

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Leader: Dave

Location: Intersection of Windsor and Ventura St. Altadena

Difficulty: 3

Distance: 9 Miles Roundtrip

Gain: Approx. 900 ft.

Time: 4 Hours Approx.

Pace: Group Based / Moderate

This is not a first timer’s hike!!!!! It is geared more towards those that have done few hikes and know their limitations. We will start meeting at 6:30am and leave at 7:00 am SHARP!!!

This will be the first time I’ve done this hike, so it will be an “exploratory hike “

We will start early to avoid the late morning heat, so pack plenty of water and sunscreen. A hat and sunglasses are recommended!!!

The Arroyo is a basically forgotten hike location as of late. In 1911 J.R. Phillips created Camp Oak Wilde. It was a favorite vacation spot for southlanders of the day. The area is home to Willow, Sycamore, Bay and Alder, trees. After nearly three decades of operation it was nearly destroyed during the great storm and flood of 1938. In the 20’s a road was built up the Arroyo to the camp. All that remains today are a few pieces of the road and a handful of stone foundations at Oakwilde.

Our journey begins at the Intersection of Windsor and Ventura St. From here we will proceed approx. 1 mile by road past such things a Pasadena Water Dept. structures, fencing, warning signs and eventually Forest Svc. Residences. From here the canyon starts to narrow as we enter the forested part of our hike. This is a hike / equestrian trail, so coming across riders is a good possibility, and quite possibily mtn. bikers.

We will encounter several stream crossings as we follow what is left of the road to Oakwilde. Another ½ mile we pass Teddy’s outpost picnic area so named for the roadside café that Theodore “ Teddy “ Syverston operated from 1914 to 1926. At the next ½ mile we reach Gould Mesa Campground. We pass Nine Picnic Area as well as Paul Little Picnic Area our trip to Oakwilde. We will stop at several of these places along the way for water / snack breaks photo’s, and to allow us all to gather up and regroup. We will break for Approx. 30 minutes at Oakwilde for lunch and a group photo or two before we begin our journey back.