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new trail to rocks to play on: Monkey business on loop hike to Mt Rexmore

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Rocky Peak offramp 118 Freeway

N 34.26729 W 118.63492 · Simi Valley, CA

How to find us

meet on South side of Rocky Peak offramp bridge from 118 freeway west of Chatsworth


Monkey Business, definition (Rex's dictionary): hiking plus assorted tomfoolery involving cool boulders and caves, providing a workout for both legs and arms, while our hike leader plays guitar and "sings" classic rock songs


So....last week I cut a trail through poison oak to these towering rocks that taunted me to climb them every time I visited my mountain. On top are a few water holes and some great flat lounging areas for star-watching.

THE PLAN: we will start from the freeway overpass, go south over a small hill (100 feet up) winding up at the Stagecoach Trail where it crosses Lilac Lane. Then we will continue south on Lilac Lane to climb a rocky hillside (gaining about 400 feet) to South Mt Rexmore which has incredible views of the San Fernando and Simi Valleys and watch the sunset at 7:53 pm. From there it is mostly downhill through a trail covered in wildflowers

ELEVATION GAIN: maybe 500 feet

HIKE LENGTH: about 3 miles, maybe, I don't really know, it is a total mystery to me


My non-profit group bought this 118 acre collection of rocks, trails and two peaks in late 2013....and why did I name it Mt. Rexmore? Because I can. (For more info and photos etc: )

ABOVE: Yerba santa

ABOVE: black sage

ABOVE: Gern Blanston

ABOVE: Chamise

All the usual meet up rules apply....we're not responsible for anything....we're not your mom....bla bla bla

And everyone must sign a liability waiver....yup, Damn lawyers, because Mt. Rexmore is private property


WEATHER: forecast is 72 degrees (as of Tuesday 5/19)




Bring FLASHLIGHT, clothing (sorry, nude hikes are a different Meetup group), 2 liters of water, hat, comfy shoes, snacks, guitar, all your troubles..., camera, etc

LEGAL STUFF: by going on this hike, you agree to assume all risks of this hike, and that no one at Meetup including the organizer is responsible for your safety. See the Meetup terms of service especially paragraph 6.2:


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