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kayaks on the water

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Kayaks On The Water

5411 E Ocean Blvd · Long Beach, CA

How to find us

I will at the picnic benches behind the playground collecting money

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Kayak leader: Fearless leader Jose

Ok I know I said the last one was the last one, But I miss the women in the bikinis and I miss the water and the area. But I have some sad news, They raised the price to twelve dollars. So I have a little message for all of you, I am not a cash register.

BRING 12 DOLLARS exactly

So lets go kayaking! C'mon and try it with a partner or by yourself
since they have one person and two person kayaks
Also find a partner while I am collecting money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not two minutes before we get on the boats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

having a partner is a lot better, you have someone to talk to, you could make a new friend or new special friend(wink,wink), and if you get tired they can do the rowing for a while.

But the only way they find out is if you tell them. (wink Wink)
Also no waitlist, Repeat NO WAITLIST. If it is full wait til someone drops out
and take thier place.
No Maybes, if you are not sure, don't put yes til you are

When: saturday August 20, 9:30am
Where: Kayaks on the water
5411 east ocean Blvd
Long beach, Ca 90803
Behind the playground, look for the canopy
Kayak in the harbor, not in the ocean. Perfectly safe no waves

Cost: 12 dollars for two hours(group rate) per person
bring cash--- no credit cards or checks. Oh yes be nice to Jose and
bring the correct change. if not you may contribute to Jose's lunch fund.
This includes Kayak, dry sack, life jacket-vest and baggies. Park
on the street, residential neighborhood or the metered parking.
bring lots of quarters for metered parking, but those meters only last two hours.
So just park in the neighborhood on the left of the kayaks and save quarters
and a possible ticket!



Level: Moderate- Beginner. That means anyone can do it, if you can
paddle for a couple of hours and swim. they have 1 and 2 person kayaks.
SO IF YOU ARE NOT IN SHAPE, partner with someone that is in shape and
let them do the rowing. They have a rule that you must know how to swim.
but they give you a life jacket. we burn 300 calories an hour kayaking.
If this is your first time partner with someone. ask around the group for
someone to do it with.

what to bring: Zip lock baggies for your wallet, phones, or other electronic
equipment you have. Sunscreen, hat,bring clothes that you don't mind getting
wet. Like a swimsuit. They don't allow regular shoes in the kayaks so you
need to bring sandals or water shoes. And something to drink like water
. money for kayak. They have bathrooms
so you can change into your regular clothes afterwards

Event description: The place IS BEHIND THE PLAYGROUND not on the street.
They have a canopy where we will sign waivers and pay the money beforehand.
They have restrooms in which to change into your dry clothes. they lend you
a dry bag to put your things you want to stay dry. keep in mind if you don't use
it right, things will get wet.

It is not in the ocean, Inside the harbor, with no waves. It is very hard to tip
these things over. Believe me I tried to test it out. They are very stable.

If you have never tried it, you must do this once in your life.
20 people must show up for the group rate, so please come to this event.

At 9:30am we do the intros and how to kayak talk.
Sign and pay the money. then we leave, if your late we might not be there.
the 2 hours start once we hit the water. If all goes well we will back at the
beach around 12:00pm. Rain Cancels !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Email me if you have questions
No Dogs or cats or squirrels or parrots---especially no pet snakes
Fearless leader Jose