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Report for Duty! Rock climbing and hiking style!

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Urgent message from Lieutenant Leah: YOU have been secretly recruited to a crack commando unit, based deep in the crags of southern california. On a quest to retrieve information crucial to the safety of our stomachs (because we all love a good dinner & beverages after a long afternoon of climbing), YOU, oh great climbers of so cal, have been sent this message with the utmost top level security! Not really, it was just an email blast. lol.

Report for duty now, and rsvp! ...It's all HER idea, I swear!!! and Bianca's too!... b ecause everyone loves a good costume! T hat's right folks, dress in your best military attire, and climb.

Please, no weapons though, toy or otherwise!!... JUST clothing costumes! You don't want a sniper on your a$$.

Before... (__|__) After... (__|_*)

lol.. J/K.

But seriously, no weapons or toy weapons of any kind allowed!

Stoney Point Rock Climbing @ Mozart's Wall 4pm - 7pm

A few routes to choose from 5.7, 5.8 or 5.10 level This event is cross posted with other climbing and adventure groups We will be collecting a buck or two donations for the ropes. Thanks!


THIS is a PRIVATE event. Your rsvp can be revoked at any time, before or during the event for any reason. Guests: Have them join the group! Otherwise, unless I already know you, if you have a guest/s, you MUST include their full first name and last initial to be considered. Example, "Brad P." To the ladies, FYI and a reminder... Please keep an eye out for each other. Your safety at all our events is our #1 concern. Be wary of someone or anyone asking you for your personal contact info (phone, email, facebook, etc.) after only knowing them for less than 2 minutes. Notify us or another female if you feel uncomfortable. Girl power! :)

To find us:

NORTH side of the rock formation closer to the 118 freeway side. use this map

Parking on Topanga is free. I suggest parking in the free zone on Topanga Canyon, just NORTH of Santa Susana Pass Road so you can have a visual on your cars, or down by the gate entrance to Stoney Point Park.


I will be collecting cash donations for the ropes!! Please bring a buck or two! rock climbing shoes, a harness and a belay device w/ 1 good locking carabiner. helmet is a good idea bring extra climbing ropes if you have one might be hot, so bring LOTS of water, at least a liter worth. we may go somewhere after for dinner, so be prepared.

LIABILITY : You, and no one else, are 100% responsible for your safety at all times. Your attendance at this meetup signifies you agree to not hold this Meetup group or its organizers responsible for any injuries to your person or property that may occur.

Outdoor events such as rock climbing are inherently dangerous.


The Famous Q & A section:

Q. What should I wear?

A. The pirate ship took off for the carribean last week! lol. THIS one is the ARMY theme. Skies the limit on this one... bring your best AND comfortable military costumes, camoflauge, khaki pants/shorts, face paint, etc. Good way for the undercover cops to blend in too. ;)

Q. Can I bring my dog?

A. YES, 4 paw traction is legal in the Stoney Point area. We'll be in the shade, but please bring water and keep your pet on a leash.

Q. Can you hold my stuff while I climb?

A. If it's a sandwich, YES! I'll put it in my stomach for safe keeping. You may not see it again though.

Q. I'm a newbie, no experience. What should I do?

A. You're buying us ALL dinner! j/k. Please tell us when you arrive that you're a beginner, and also tell the person you're partnered with that you are a beginner.

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