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Hike Leader: the honorable ... Mr. Deeds

This Hike level is at an Intermediate intensity. the meeting area is in Parking Lot #2, over by the STEPS, not to far from Griffith Park's historic Merry Go Round attraction. See Map (

"OK everyone please be advised that there are three parking lots in the Merry-Go-Round area. Get there a little early and cruise all three parking lots if you're not sure where you are going, we'll find you if you get lost, no worries. " On Los Feliz, going east past Vermont you get to the stop light for Crystal Springs Rd.....turn left (north). You are now entering Griffith Park. Drive about 2 miles to the intersection where the Ranger Station is. You will see many signs....some with arrows pointing to the Merry Go Round. At this intersection you will turn left and go up the hill toward the Merry Go Round. Drive through the first parking lot (Parking Lot #1) and keep going to the next parking lot (Parking Lot #2), and we are there at the north end where the steps are located.

The Hike's Duration is approximately 2.5 hours with a possible Distance of 5-6 miles.

WEAR HIKING or TRAIL walking Shoes please. Bring water, walking sticks if needed, an extra pair of socks, aspirin, a friendly attitude and some niceness but most of all ... bring a LOT of Common Sense and patience for your fellow hikers, OK?

"The route, destination and pace of the Hike in Griffith Park is to be determined by the Hike Leader." ... in Deeds we trust !

The hike leaders in this group aren't professional hike leaders. You are responsible for yourself, By signing up for these events, you agree not to hold the Meetup organizers of LA Hiking Group responsible for whatever happens to you on these events. LA Hiking Group does not certify the expertise of the organizers,The event or assistant organizers (hike leaders).LA Hiking Group is NOT responsible for any possible losses or injuries. disagreement.

"Only you know yourself and it's up to you to care for you, so ... for your safety, always let the Hike leader know what kind of health issues or hiking condition you're presently in, if you're not sure that you're at the announced level. Thanks."