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Monday: Park Walk

Hosted by Los Angeles Hiking Group

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Bring water, an extra pair of socks, hiking shoes, trail runners or Running shoes. Walking shoes will work for this hike. Dogs, Brats and Crybabies are OK, yet, NO Minions, Show offs' and NO Speed demons ... this is a Family Type of Hiking environment. We are all equal here.

This will be conditioning beginner Hike ... Mostly Fire roadsand Flattish terrain. The Hike Level: Novice/ Beginner, maybe a little bit tougher.

Purpose: The purpose of this hike is to condition you into a level of fitness that prepare you for a 3K to 5K Cancer Walk and this is a rehabilitation hike for all those who have had or who have injuries.
"The route, destination and pace of the Hike in Griffith Park is to be determined by the Hike Leader." ... in Deeds we trust !
This hike is for those who want to start conditioning for better hikes and is fashioned toward those with little or no hiking experience, but have some degree of fitness or hiking knowledge. This may not be for stone cold newbies who are out of shape, Yet, I promise you will make it, There will be some uphill climbs but mostly flat(flattish) terrain after. If you cannot hike uphill for a timely period, then this hike is for you because I will be stopping a lot and going slowly if needed and waiting for all.
Hike Duration: 2.5 hours(or a little less). Hike Distance: about 3 miles, more or less. Hike Pace: Slow to slow-Moderate maybe..
DEFINITIONS: Novice Hikes are more geared toward distance walking, low leveled terrain, with a incline, or two or three.... Beginner Hikes include Distance, inclines of two or more and much more Stopping for rest. Beginner-Intermediate: There will be INCLINES, Two or more Inclines, less resting stops, distance. This would define levels One plus, Two and Three.
PLEASE READ and understand this ...
The hike leaders in this group aren't professional hike leaders. You are responsible for yourself, By signing up for these events, you agree not to hold the Meetup organizers of LA Hiking Group responsible for whatever happens to you on these events. LA Hiking Group does not certify the expertise of the organizers,The event or assistant organizers (hike leaders).LA Hiking Group is NOT responsible for any possible losses or injuries. Hopeful you're inagreement with and understanding of this statement.
"Only you know yourself and it's up to you to care for you, so ... for your safety, always let the Hike leader know what kind of health issues or hiking condition you're presently in, if you're not sure that you're at the announced level. Thanks."