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12 Mile Mud Run, Hollywood Sign loop.

Hosted by Los Angeles Hiking Group

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I had an overwhelming demand for a hike in the rain. This is going to take 4-5 hours. Wear dry-fit clothes or run in a poncho - Northwest style. Actually, there won't be much running in the mud.

Parking: If you are not familiar with Los Feliz Village parking or are concerned about the distance, park across from the Greek Theater at the marked trailhead. This is 1 mile from Coffee Bean. We will meet you at trailhead about 8:15.

Parking is on side streets only, as Los Felix is free from permits. Hillhurst and Coffee Bean do not permit parking for sufficient time.

Here is a picture of the Aberdeen Trailhead across from the Greek Theater:

Hike 10 miles from the Greek Theater, or meet me at Coffee Bean in Los Feliz Village for a 12 mile hike.

12 Mile Hike to Hollywood sign, on Ridge Trail. 3 hour jog or 4.5 hour walk - move at your own pace. This is an intermediate hike, so we won't be making many stops. This will be on trails, so running shoes are preferable to hiking boots.

Bring 2 liters of water, a hat, and sunscreen.

We will take a loop from Los Feliz Village. We will walk 1 mile to Aberdeen Trial, transition to Hogback Trail, and then detour to Mt. Hollywood for a first stop.

Then, we will go down to the Ridge Trail to Mount Lee - Hollywood Sign - for a second stop.

Then, we will go along the Mulholland Trail fire road, to Mulhulland Highway, and up the dirt ramp towards Mount Hollywood. We will skirt the peak to make a full loop going around the Observatory.

Above is a picture of the back side of Griffith Observatory. Taking the crossroads East goes back to the Vermont/Hillhurst park entrance. Breaking to the West is Western/Fern Dell, which adds another mile.