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TGIF to Glendale Overlook

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TGIF Hike in Griffith Park

New, EASY location (compared to Mt. Hollywood)

Level: 4/10 Advanced Beginner and up

Distance: 3.75 miles round trip - Some uphill, and some difficult spots

Time: 6:45 'til 9:34 PM. We will wait a max of 10 minutes for stragglers before departing.

Location: Griffith Park - new spot - Glendale Overlook

Meeting Place: Parking Lot 2 at steps

Click Map Link (

Occasion: It is Friday and We Deserve a Break....let's PARTY

Bring food to share. There are 2 picnic tables so we will limit number of people.

You may drive into the Park from either the southern end (Los Feliz) or the northern end from Train Town. YOu cannot get in by the Autry...they have the road closed.

NO SHOWS: We will keep track of people who sign-up but do not come. It is possible that those who do this could be restricted for future hikes. If you sign up and cannot make it, take the time to change your RSVP,

Lee Zebold - Hike leader
Scott Hathaway - Hike leader
Shannon - co-host (she named the location)