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What we’re about

This is a group for people who want to expand their social network

If you want to make new/more friends, establish new/more business relationships, find a date, or just have fun…then this group is for you!

If you’re new to LA then this group is a must for you because every host of this meetup will have the obligation of introducing everyone to each other like a good host should :)

What separates this meetup from any other social meetup is that you are GUARANTEED to meet new people. Like I said the obligation of the host is to introduce everyone to each other at some point in the meetup.

There is NO need to bring anyone with you to the meetup, if you want to bring someone to the meetup…Great…and if you want to come alone Great.

Events will range from simple events to more unique events.

Simple events will include happy hours, dinners, hiking, museums, movies, and parties.

Unique events will include trips, sports, speed dating, and charity events.

The main focus of this group will be making connections, discovering oneself, growing your network, loving yourself, loving others, and most importantly FUN!

This is a diverse group, so ALL people of all backgrounds are absolutely welcome!

My goal is to make sure everyone is comfortable, makes the connections they want to make, has fun, and a better social life.

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  • 🍸🥂 SANTA MONICA Social Mixer - Cocktails @ The Room 🥂🍸
    The Room Santa Monica, Santa Monica, CA
    • Photo of Mark King
    • Photo of Byron
    • Photo of Evan
    • Photo of Lee Adams
    • Photo of Leah S.