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Discussion on Epictetus's Enchiridion (Pt. 2)
"What will we be discussing?" Epictetus's Enchiridion (a.k.a. his 'Manual'), focusing on Ch. 29-53 "What edition should I read?" Oxford World Classics edition (trans. Robin Hard): If you're strapped for cash or time, you have two options: 1) Stick with the William Abbot Oldfather translation in the public domain:,_the_Discourses_as_reported_by_Arrian,_the_Manual,_and_Fragments/Manual 2) Message me with your email address and I'll share a scanned version of our reading with you. "How should I prepare?" A) Please read as much as you can. B) Choose at least ONE passage that you found particularly provocative, insightful, or confusing. We will take turns sharing those portions of the reading with each other and discussing them.

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    This is a new group dedicated to reading and talking about Stoicism -- philosophical works by all Stoics from Antiquity to Modernity. The readings and the pace at which we do them will be dictated by the group; the discussions will be primarily 'socratic;' and the atmosphere should be very comfortable and welcoming. The reasons you might have for joining me may include a) you want to critically engage in Stoic theory for the sheer intellectual pleasure of it; b) you want to learn about and apply Stoic practice for the therapeutic benefits; or c) both!

    One quick note: This group will primarily meet on the East side of Los Angeles. I'm thinking Downtown LA, Boyle Heights, Highland Park, and/or Pasadena. There is already a Stoicism group in Los Angeles ("Stoics of Los Angeles") that is very good, but they only meet on the West side. Since Los Angeles is so large I thought it would be good to have more than one group for those that live in different areas.

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