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This is a group dedicated to reading and talking about Stoicism -- philosophical works by all Stoics from Antiquity to Modernity. The readings and the pace at which we do them will be dictated by the group; the discussions will be primarily 'socratic;' and the atmosphere should be very comfortable and welcoming. The reasons you might have for joining us may include A) you want to critically engage in Stoic theory for the sheer intellectual pleasure of it; B) you want to learn about and apply Stoic practice for the therapeutic benefits; or C) both! We meet in and around Downtown LA but, we may branch out in the future - stay tuned! Again, check out our website ( http://www.losangelesstoics.com ) for more info.

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Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Bk. 1-2 (Regular Meeting)

We'll be FINISHING Donald Robertson's "How to Think Like a Roman Emperor" and STARTING Marcus Aurelius's "Meditations" - How to Think Like a Roman Emperor, CHAPTER 8 ("Death and the View from Above") [pp. [masked]] - Meditations, BOOKS 1-2 (your choice of translation) - Anything else Stoicism-related EMAIL ME IF YOU NEED A PDF OF THE ROBERTSON READING OR WOULD LIKE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR A MEDITATIONS TRANSLATION These regular meetings tend to proceed as follows... 1. The facilitator makes any administrative announcements there may be 2. Attendees share experiences with implementing any Stoic exercises/techniques 3. Attendees share insights gleaned from any ‘outside reading’ 4. The main discussion proceeds until the end of the session In terms of preparing for the main discussion, you may... 1. select a passage or two to share and discuss; 2. think of questions to propose (or answer) and/or 3. email me in advance at lastoics[at]gmail[dot]com if you would like to ensure we cover something that you find particularly meaningful. ― ― ― DESCRIPTION OF TEXT (Taken from Wikipedia page): The "Meditations" is a series of personal writings by Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor from 161 to 180 AD, recording his private notes to himself and ideas on Stoic philosophy. Marcus Aurelius wrote the 12 books of the Meditations in Koine Greek as a source for his own guidance and self-improvement. It is possible that large portions of the work were written at Sirmium, where he spent much time planning military campaigns from 170 to 180. Some of it was written while he was positioned at Aquincum on campaign in Pannonia, because internal notes tell us that the first book was written when he was campaigning against the Quadi on the river Granova (modern-day Hron) and the second book was written at Carnuntum. It is unlikely that Marcus Aurelius ever intended the writings to be published and the work has no official title, so "Meditations" is one of several titles commonly assigned to the collection. These writings take the form of quotations varying in length from one sentence to long paragraphs. ― ― ― See you then! — Justin K.

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Stoicism and Emotion, Ch. 5 (Theory Meeting)

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