How to Think Like a Roman Emperor, CH. 1 (Regular Meeting)

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Bicycle Coffee

358 E 2nd St · Los Angeles, CA

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We will set up in the open space upstairs and at the back of the cafe

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Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius was the last famous Stoic philosopher of the ancient world. . . How to Think Like a Roman Emperor takes readers on a transformative journey along with Marcus, following his progress from a young noble at the court of Hadrian—taken under the wing of some of the finest philosophers of his day—through to his reign as emperor of Rome at the height of its power. Robertson shows how Marcus used philosophical doctrines and therapeutic practices to build emotional resilience and endure tremendous adversity, and guides readers through applying the same methods to their own lives. . . Combining remarkable stories from Marcus’s life with insights from modern psychology and the enduring wisdom of his philosophy, How to Think Like a Roman Emperor puts a human face on Stoicism and offers a timeless and essential guide to handling the ethical and psychological challenges we face today.

For this upcoming meeting, we will be focusing on the following:

- INTRODUCTION [pp. 1-15]
- CHAPTER 1 ("THE DEAD EMPEROR") [pp. 16-44]


- - -

These regular meetings tend to proceed as follows...
1. The facilitator makes any administrative announcements there may be
2. Attendees share experiences with implementing any Stoic exercises/techniques
3. Attendees share insights gleaned from any ‘outside reading’
4. The main discussion proceeds until the end of the session

In terms of preparing for the main discussion, you may...
1. select a passage or two to share and discuss;
2. think of questions to propose (or answer) and/or
3. email me in advance at lastoics[at]gmail[dot]com if you would like to ensure we cover something that you find particularly meaningful.

See you then!
-- Justin K.