What we're about

Love, Divorce and Your Soul

I help people who are navigating divorce or loss of a long term relationship to get back on their “soul” feet and find sustainable peace for body, mind and spirit.

This group will have online meet-ups as well as locations in New England

Topics in meetups may include:

· Re-defining yourself as an individual

· Steps to Self Love after a break up

· Emotional Release, Managing Grief and Anger

· 5 steps to forgiveness and joy

· Re-discovering your sexy Soul and self

· What is Soul Purpose?

· Choosing between your Soul and your relationships

· Trusting yourself and the Universe again

· Soul Contracts in relationships and marriage

· Narcissism: recognizing who you were really married to

· Resolving unfulfilled promises

· Alchoholism and addictions

· The Dramatic Triangle of pain

· Money struggles

· When parents divorce, Your Soul's contract to your children

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