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French Grammar Group: Tuesdays 1:00 - 1:40 pm French Time Zone - (GMT+1)

French Conversation Group: Tuesdays 1:50 - 2:30 pm French Time Zone - (GMT+1)

This Love Learning Languages (https://lovelearninglanguages.com/) conversation and grammar group is for anyone interested in learning more French and improving speaking and listening skills. All skill levels are welcome. It's a time to gather with other people wanting to do the same thing on an informal platform! Make sure the time corresponds to your time zone, or check out sessions for North America (https://www.meetup.com/love-learning-languages-conversation-group-north-america).

Be sure to reserve your spot, as attendance is limited to 25 members. Don't worry about being in a huge group where you can't participate or hear because people are speaking over each other. Attendees will be placed in small groups of 4 or 5 to work together on a specified task, just like you would in a traditional classroom setting. Jennifer will regularly pop in and out of groups to answer questions and to listen in while making suggestions and offering learning tips.

Once you have paid, be sure to send me an email - french@lovelearninglanguages.com - to clarify the date and session you plan to attend. I will then manually add you to the attendee list. This is important, because the Meetup site does NOT automatically add you to the session you choose and pay for. I need to be sure I know what you want.

Grammar and conversation themes change weekly, and have been carefully selected by me, Jennifer, your French teacher in the South of France. I will be there to answer questions and help you along as you interact with other group members. Prior to meeting on Zoom, I will email you valuable resources to have on hand during our time together. These will be in the form of grammar practice cards and exercises (with answer keys) to accompany my YouTube grammar lessons (https://www.youtube.com/user/frenchwithjennifer). When you choose to attend a grammar session, you will see in that week's description a link to a particular lesson that you should watch on YouTube beforehand. This will make you feel very confident and prepared!

When you sign up for conversation sessions, you will receive themed questions to discuss in small groups. I encourage you to sign up for both sessions to get the most out of French Tuesdays! Zoom meeting links are provided on each session description.

This is a French conversation and grammar group for non-native French speakers, and grammar is explained in English.

Enjoy 40 minutes of French conversation and / or grammar practice in an informal environment on Zoom. We will try very hard not to speak any English during conversation time, but you can certainly ask clarifying questions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a language exchange and is not for native French speakers.

This is an opportunity for French learners to practice their French and have Jennifer on hand to correct mistakes and help improve your French language skills.

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LLL French Conversation Group - La Boulangerie - Pâtisserie

Needs a location


Join LLL's virtual French conversation group on ZOOM!

Follow the link at the bottom of this description to join us on Tuesday.

There is a €6.50 fee to attend. Click to sign up at the bottom of this announcement. This fee includes conversation materials to use during sessions. The first emails will be sent on Thursday.

CONVERSATION: La Boulangerie - Pâtisserie + Questions de Discussion

Vocabulary List + Quizlet Study Set: https://love-learning-languages1.teachable.com/p/french-vocabulary-bakery

Bonne semaine et à mardi!



LLL French Grammar Group - Manquer à

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Join LLL's virtual French grammar group @ ZOOM! Follow the link at the bottom of this description to join us on Tuesday.

There is a €6.50 fee to attend this 40 minute session. Click to sign up at the bottom of this announcement. This fee includes grammar resources that I will send shortly after you sign up. The first emails will be sent on Thursday.

GRAMMAIRE: Le verbe MANQUER + 65 practice cards

Video Lesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZeuD3ZQL-E

Sentence Structure Charts: https://love-learning-languages1.teachable.com/p/french-sentence-structure-manquer

Manquer Quiz: https://love-learning-languages1.teachable.com/p/french-manquer-quiz

Bonne semaine et à mardi!



Summer French Challenge - Le Grand Défi de l'Été - 100 Jours de Français!

Needs a location


🏖 Le Grand Défi de l’Éte - Love Learning Languages 🏖

Get ready for a French challenge that will keep you going all summer long without stressing you out! Kick off le défi de l’été on June 1st and keep on going for 100 days.

Summer is a time when we like to find time to take it easy, and that’s why this challenge is different to the ones I offer during other times of the year when you have more time to hunker down for some serious studying.

I’ve made it easy for you to commit to the 100 Day French Challenge with exercises that take just 10 minutes a day (or less!) to complete, and there are no group meetings to attend.

The French Summer Challenge is a series of 100 quizzes. I have noticed how much you enjoy taking quizzes! Each quiz is brand new (they aren’t the same as the ones in my French program), and includes 15 questions. Study guides are provided for each and every one of them in case you need to look up a rule or two.

By the end of the summer, you will have hundreds of pages of my organized study notes that you will have to keep and use as reference guides. You can either save them online or print them out and put them in a pretty folder to use as you continue your French studies. I think your French folder should be special, so go out and buy one that you LOVE.

The first quiz begins at the A1 level, and we’ll work all the way through to the end of level B2. Believe me, even if you are way beyond the beginner level, you should take those beginner quizzes! It’s amazing how much basic elementary level material is overlooked and left out in traditional French courses. Whether you’re speaking, listening, reading, or writing, every single topic in the challenge will come up over and over again.

My monthly French challenges are usually 30€. This one will actually cover more than 3 months since it’s for 100 days, and you can sign up for the whole thing for 60€ instead of 90€.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t take a quiz every single day. Take as many as you like in a single day, skip a few days here and there, retake quizzes that are challenging, and know that once you sign up, all of the material will be yours to keep even once the challenge has ended.

I’ll be here to answer your questions, and I’m sure you’ll have some! If you’re a beginner, this is an amazing opportunity for you to work your way through all of the topics in a logical order. You'll also have the opportunity to interact with others from around the world who are taking the challenge at the same time as you!

You’ll have a great feeling of accomplishment knowing that while relaxing, working, traveling, visiting with friends and family, and doing all of the other things you enjoy doing, that you will have been working on something that’s important to you. That something is the beautiful French language that you and I enjoy so much.

If you own my French Program for Self-Learners, you’ll see that the quizzes follow the order of my Scope and Sequence.

As a bonus, if you don’t yet own my full program, I’ll be sending you a coupon code that will allow you to buy the program for $210 instead of $350.

The only time you’ll see a better price for my program is in November when I’ll put it on sale for $200 as I always do. The opportunity to save 40% this summer is only available to challenge participants.

I will send you a link to our Google Classroom on May 31st. That’s where all of the materials will be stored. At that time I will also send you the coupon code you’ll want to use should you decide to purchase my French program.

You do not need to own my program to complete this challenge because I’m providing study guides for all of the quizzes. However, the full course includes loads more learning resources for each and every topic (and then some).

If you are interested in taking the challenge, just click on the button you see below to sign up.

Send me a personal email if there’s a particular email address that you would like me to use when writing to you on May 31st: [masked]

I would love to have you join me for 100 days of summer French!

À très vite!

Registration: Now - June 1st

Cost: €60

Dates: June 1st - August 31st

Where: Google Classroom. I will email you the link on May 31st. All 100 quizzes with study guides will be available in case you want to complete more than one per day.

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LLL French Grammar Group - Le Passé Composé - Être ou Avoir?

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