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What we’re about

Welcome to the Colorado Chapter of Loving More and the National Group. Loving More is the premiere national nonprofit (501c3) organization for polyamory awareness, acceptance and support.

The local chapter is a Polyamory Support and Discussion Group. We currently have over 900 members in the Colorado chapter and we are growing. We host a monthly discussion groups, monthly dinner, annual family campout, classes, workshops and various potlucks and gatherings from the Denver area to Fort Collins as well as national and regional conferences across the US. Our discussion groups meet twice monthly, once at the Loving More Office in Loveland and in the North Denver.

This is a place to learn about polyamory, ethical non-monogamy, meet people who are open, find support and education as well as have fun with others of like mind. We strive to create a supportive and safe atmosphere to explore and share.

Things to Know
• Loving More is not a pick-up or sex group. We are an educational and support organization for polyamory and ethical non-monogamy.
• We host a variety of events for fun, education and support; monthly discussions, game night, potlucks, dinners, movies nights, classes, workshops, and annual conferences.
• Providing a safe place free of trolls or people soliciting is a priority to our members. We welcome discussion but do not allow personal ads and will ban people contacting(trolling) members for dates or sex. We encourage people to attend a meetup to get to know people in person and not to contact people in the group they haven't met.
• Profiles require an image.
• Acceptable profile images are head shot, avatar, design, landscape or similar, profiles that have overtly sexual pictures, are focused on body parts, or appear to be a stock image will not be approved. We will let you know and offer and opportunity to change the image.
Helpful Links
Loving More Website (
• Polyamory FAQ - Frequently asked questions.
Educational Webinars - Online webinars including Beyond Monogamy, an informational webinar on different forms of ethical non-monogamy.
Useful Terms - The polyamory community over the years has coined some useful terms to describe difference aspects of poly relating. 
What is Polyamory?
Loving More Magazine - Numerous articles on polyamory, open relationships, featuring personal experiences in dealing with everything from jealousy to coming out to family.
We hope you join us for a discussion or other event, we'd love to get to know you.
Loving More Nonprofit, Loveland, CO