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We are an organization of atheists, agnostics, skeptics and other freethinkers based in Charleston, South Carolina.

Please note that not all of us have accounts on Meetup.com. From the RSVPs here, it may look as if only a handful of people are planning to attend, but our regular monthly meetings usually draw between 20 and 50 people. The book group meetings usually draw 10 to 15.

For more information, check out our Webpage at http://lowcountryhumanists.org and sign up for our Mailchimp e-mail announcements (http://lowcountryhumanists.org/default.php?page=email-control).

Upcoming events (5+)

SHL Book Group: Not Seeing God by Jonathan Pearce

Barnes & Noble

For our January book group meeting, we are reading Not seeing God: Atheism in the 21st Century​​ by Jonathan MS Pearce (2017) PB 296p. $16.99, Kindle $9.99. Atheism is an evolving worldview - not the single proposition that God does not exist, but everything else that might or might not go with it. With only a single sentence about the existence of single entity, there is huge scope - necessity, even - for having to reasonably work everything else out. It’s a lot more difficult to figure out the world when it’s not handed to you in an old, outdated book. The world is sometimes a complicated place. With this in mind,​ Not Seeing God​ looks at the challenges of leaving religion, arguing for atheism, the role and position of atheism in society and where we go from here. ​Yvonne’s Review: ​​I enjoyed this book tremendously for its wit and logic. I highly recommend it. Join us on the fourth Sunday of each month at the West Ashley Barnes & Noble store for discussions of important topics of interest to SHL members. You can see a list of our previous readings here (http://lowcountryhumanists.org/default.php?page=booklist) and our the list of books we are considering for future Book Club meetings here (http://lowcountryhumanists.org/SHLBookClubListofPotentialReads.pdf). Amazon::[masked]

February Volunteer Activity: Adopt - a - Highway

Grove Corner Grocery parking lot

SHL's adopted highway is Azalea Drive from the SC-7 exit to the King Street Extension in North Charleston, which runs past the Lowcountry Foodbank. From I-26 in either direction, take Exit 216B. At the corner with first stop light is a small store called Grove Corner Groceries. We have permission to park in their parking lot. Picking up trash at the side of the road is a lot more fun than it sounds. We enjoy each other's company and conversation. It is a pleasant walk in the fresh air. And we usually find some interesting items. As always, participants get a sense of accomplishment from making the world a better place and enjoy a chance to talk as we walk. We also have a sign put up by the Dept. of Transportation there that says that the road is kept clean by “Secular Humanists,” which helps us let people know that our group exists and that we care about our community. SHL will provide the necessary supplies, including trash bags, gloves, and reflective vests. Please join us if you can. If you have any questions, please feel free to email our volunteer coordinators ([masked]).

SHL Happy Hour

Muse Restaurant & Wine Bar

Happy Hour is always a fun and relaxing evening of stimulating conversation over drinks (alcohol is optional) and yummy food among old and new friends! This month we will be meeting at Muse in downtown Charleston. Hope to see you there!

SHL Volunteer Activity: Feeding the homeless at Potluck in the Park

We need SHL members to bring food, drinks, paper and plasticware for the weekly community "potluck" for the needy in Mall Park in downtown Charleston. Potluck in the Park organizers do this every week! SHL tries to volunteer to bring the food quarterly, in rotation with other groups. We always feel like we make a difference. SHL members bring the food and help serve. A recommended menu is below. Potluck in the Park provides tables, and table cloths, chaffing dishes, plastic gloves and water. It is okay to just drop food off and not stay to serve if you like. We set up at 12:45 and start serving at 1 pm. Kids and teens welcome! Please join us! Recommended menu (please reply with what you will be bringing): (We can expect[masked] people) Green salad with dressings on the side - Ranch seems to be a favorite Potato salad, pasta salad or other starchy cold salads Meat or Main dishes with meat, sandwiches Sides or main dishes without meat, vegetarian sandwiches Rolls/bread Hard-boiled eggs (easy to take away for later) Bananas or other easy-on-the teeth hand fruits Deserts Drinks - Anything is fine, but PLITP brings a drink cooler with water so dry tea or punch mixes are popular. Paper plates or clamshell take-away boxes Plastic forks Paper napkins Plastic cups - 8-12 oz Condiments (they usually have some leftover from past weeks, but not always)

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