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Let's wake up! And keep dreaming. This is a group for all who have or want to have lucid dreams. (En grupp för alla som har klardrömmar eller vill lära sig att klardrömma. Lucid dreams are dreams where we know that we are dreaming. It starts with a hunch that "maybe this is a dream" and when we realize that we're dreaming, we can take control and do whatever we want. Flying, teleporting, visiting amazingly beautiful places, talking with interesting people or exploring unusual emotional states; the possibilities are endless. To practice, everything starts during the day, by doing certain exercises that eventually will affect our dreams in a positive way. There are several techniques. Some people are natural lucid dreamers, other require a lot of practice. It doesn't matter: If you are interested in increasing awareness, you're welcome! We will meet to talk and share inspiration and techniques. Depending on interest, we might also do exercises and "walking meditations" together. Some people refer to lucid dreaming as "astral projection", but the distinction between the two is not sharp. Please note our 100% drug-free approach to lucid dreaming.

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