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What we’re about

We specialize in result-driven healing remedies in the Greater Detroit Area!

We can help people declare physical and emotional health independence from pharmaceutical drugs, unhealthy habits and relationships. Helping people achieve wellness from within the body and transform outwards to achieve their mission and purpose of life.

We are looking to help people declare health independence, we hold natural healing to be self-evident, that it is empowered by their creator with the ability to heal, that all persons can restore and thrive, that among these are positive energy, purpose and the pursuit of happiness.

  • This group is perfect for anyone looking to learn about the universe and what it has to offer you.
  • It's great for like-minded individuals wanting to connect through inspirational discussion events, programs, and courses that guide you on a path to transcend your soul's purpose.
  • Benefits any person thriving to become more consciously aware and eager to start their journey on a path to more joy, more happiness and more peace!

Each event is meant to heighten your awareness on Eastern Medicine as well as holistic practices. Our events are sweetened with guest speakers that cover topics of their expertise such as, sound therapy or essential oils!

Our events on the Lucky Flow Show are hosted at our clinic in Livonia, MI and are always available on Zoom and IG. Our events are filled with discussions on healing, wellness and alternative practices.

Allow us to guide you through transformative philosophy. We want to spread awareness and provide beneficial information to those who are searching for alternative ways to manage the challenges of life.

@Luckyflowacupuncture Zoom links are always available by request!
(734) 266-8288