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Live or work in Bay Ridge? How about meeting some new friends for a bite?

Since a large part of my job is still remote, I have been spending a LOT more time in Bay Ridge, so I figured lunch and dinner would be much more fun if I had some company--hope you agree!

We'll be going to different places in the neighborhood for small-scale lunches, brunches, or dinners. By "small scale", we mean no more than four attendees, so that it's easier to get a table. Sometimes fancy, sometimes just a diner. And if we find out about an interesting local event, like a concert or a parade, we can meet up for that, too--and something outside on the sidewalk can easily be a larger group.

So, come meet some more of your neighbors, whether you were born here or moved here more recently!

Oh, and be sure to answer my two simple questions on your profile when you sign up:
1. What are some of your favorite restaurants in Bay Ridge?
2. What are some places you would like to try?
Whenever possible, I'd like to pull from such a list to post places that are well liked already or pique your interest!
Like what you see about "Lunch, Brunch, and Dinner in Bay Ridge"? Then consider joining our sister group also run by me, Friendly Native New Yorker Walking Tours ( ( ) , where as a licensed NYC tour guide I lead history tours the city. My other Meetup is Great Places in Gotham, where we visit museums and attend lectures/concerts at interesting venues around the city (

PLEASE NOTE: In the interests of all of our personal safety, you must be fully vaccinated to participate in our events. Please show me an image of your vaccination card the first time I meet you.