What we're about

Las Vegas Algorithmic & Quant Traders is a group dedicated to building a local network for experienced systematic traders. This network is open to algorithmic traders, quantitative strategy traders, high frequency traders, researchers, system developers, recruiters and financial engineers. Please no solicitors.

This group is platform/broker agnostic and encompasses liquid electronically tradable financial assets in the equity, fixed income, futures, foreign exchange and option markets.

This group is focused on quality rather than quantity. The aim is to ensure that all members have valuable relevant experience and expertise for everyone to benefit from.

The goal of this group is to:

1. Build a local network of like-minded traders to share ideas, know-how, best practices, experiences, expectations and opportunities relating to all aspects of algorithmic trading.

2. Enable collaboration between traders, researchers, software engineers and system developers.

3. Explore synergies and opportunities to pool/leverage resources including intellectual property, trading capital, system development, technology and operations overhead.

4. Through collaborative contribution and effort, discuss criteria, interest and potential for organizing, developing and bringing to market a commercially licensable algorithmic trading system sought after by quant/hedge funds, financial institutions and trade desk operations worldwide.

It is the desire of this group to meet regularly during slow/low volume trading hours - preferably 3-6 PM timeframe.

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