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Madison County Real Estate Investors Association Welcomes You!!!!! 
Celebrating.. 👉 20 Years of Helping Local Investors... ✔
Welcome to the Madison County REIA and Alabama REIA in Northern Alabama. We are a group of new and seasoned real estate investors, real estate brokers, real estate agents, people who are interested in real estate and want to do business in real estate, and much more! 
Our meetings are designed to help you in your real estate investing business reach the potential that it deserves and to make you a success in the realm of real estate. 
Our Motto is: Connect Learn and Grow!

> ✅ We believe by connecting with our community you will find great relationships. 
> ✅ We believe by coming to our monthly meetings you will find topic that will help you learn about the things you need help with. 
> ✅ We also believe that when you continue to learn new things and strategies by coming to our Bootcamp's you will Grow as a Investor and Business person!

Start Here and learn more about us:

Come out and learn with us, Introduce yourself, and come join us at one of our monthly meetings to learn more about us. 🤝
We have monthly classes and all different topics and meet on the 1st Thursday of every month. 📅

If you are looking to do your first deal.. I would highly suggest you start with our free Guide: "The Ultimate Guide To Closing Your First Deal"
👉Download Now:

We also offer a 1-day training Bootcamp to help you get the most out of a topic that interests you. 
If you are new to investing you should start here:

We also have our 3-day Bootcamp Which teaches you everything you need to know to get started buying rentals or too flip houses in our local area.

You can find a lot more information about how we can help you on our website
👇           👇           👇 

Also, be sure to join our Facebook page at

Looking Forward In Connecting With You!!

Thank You,

Zack Childress 

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