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What we’re about

MadFemmePride (MFP) is a queer, femme-centered community that is PRO-trans, PRO-woman and PRO-femininity for all folks who support femme-positive queer space.

We are open and welcoming to anyone on the queer, questioning, LGBTQIA spectrum who wants to meet new people, mingle, and experience a little bit of the MadFemmePride friendly magic that makes our diversity-conscious, radically-inclusive community so special.

We are based in and around Boston and organize in-person events primarily via

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Participant Policy

MadfemmePride is committed to providing safe community events free of harassment, discrimination, and threats of violence. As part of this ongoing effort, MFP expects all participants to behave in a manner that is in accordance with our mission of friendly, open and welcoming spaces. MadFemmePride will do our best to directly address any behavior that violates this policy.


This policy applies to: organizers, members, guests of members,and participants not currently signed up as members on the MFP Meetup page.


Expectations for “respectful and welcoming” Participant Behavior*

MadFemmePride participants are expected to be respectful and welcoming to everyone, regardless of race, creed, nationality, disability status, sexual orientation, sex, gender or gender expression.

MFP asks that all participants behave in a manner that does not make other participants feel unsafe or threatened.

Participants are expected to be responsible for their own behavior.

Respect the identities of others, including pronouns. If you are flexible about what pronouns you use for yourself, it is perfectly fine to say that. Please respect that for others, specific pronouns may be important, and hearing someone be dismissive of pronouns in general can be hurtful. You may be asked questions about your identity that you've never considered before -- please don't be flippant and answer sincerely and respectfully.

Step Up, Step Back. Participants should be aware of how much space and time they may be taking up. If you notice that you have been speaking a lot during a group discussion, allow yourself to “step back” and let others “step up” to the mic. Step Up/Step Back is also a great way to encourage new or shy participants to make themselves heard.  

Participants should give each other the benefit of the doubt when possible.

Disagreements among participants should be handled civilly and respectfully. Disagreements can become heated, but that does not excuse insults or potentially violent behavior.

MadFemmePride is a friendly space where friendships, romantic and/or sexual relationships can begin. When choosing to initiate flirtation or inviting someone to spend more time with you, know that your attentions may or may not be welcome; be mindful of the other person’s reaction, and if they express clear discomfort or request that you stop, do so immediately and respectfully.

Speak from your own experience and your own beliefs, and be ready to learn from others. MadFemmePride is a diverse group -- you may meet people whose lives are shaped by prejudices that are similar and also different from those you experience in your everyday life. Leave others space to share their own experiences rather than assuming you know what their background and culture is like.

Opt-In Photography Policy

 Cameras are everywhere these days and difficult to avoid. Please be respectful if you decide to take photos by asking people if they want to be in your photos.

Addressing Unsafe Behavior

If someone's behavior is making you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please ask them to stop or remove yourself from the situation.

If someone says something that offends you, ask clarifying questions to determine what they intended. You can initiate a dialogue or you can chose to remove yourself from the situation.

If the behavior or offensive language continues, please communicate this to an MFP Organizer either in-person, via email, via the Meetup page, or via phone.

Participants who are unable or unwilling to respect the MFP behavioral guidelines will be asked to leave.

*Specific events may have additional guidelines, please check the event description for details.


madFemmePride is an entirely grassroots organization. We stay connected through Meetup, which charges us about $100 every 6 months to host the group. If you can help us by sending any amount that feels good to you, we would be very grateful for your support! (We are not a non-profit, so we can't offer tax deduction documentation.) We CAN tell you that any amount is deeply appreciated:

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