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What we’re about

This group is for people who are passionate about playing doubles beach volleyball in the Madison, Wisconsin area. We primarily recruit experienced players with above average volleyball skills. Unfortunately, because of the limited sand court availability in Madison and the fact that doubles is physically very challenging, we can't practically open the group to anyone and everyone. Occasionally we will add less experienced players who are committed to getting better, but this is mostly done through member referrals. Please do not take it personally if your request to join us is denied.

We use this Meetup to organize local play sessions, training sessions, tournaments, winter trips to indoor sand facilities, and trips to more distant tournaments or volley-vacations. We DO NOT use the Meetup to organize or promote other sporting events, including other volleyball formats (grass, indoor, 3's, 4's, 6's). We prefer to use two courts for sessions to accommodate a good number of players, but this is not always practical in the evenings with limited court availability. For this reason, we schedule many play and training sessions in the mornings when court space is more plentiful. Some evening sessions may be restricted to fewer players to avoid conflicts with other groups at locations with only two courts.