Build It Together: To-Do List - Part 1

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This project will focus on building a modern web-based To-Do List application. We will build it from scratch to a fully functioning modern application in just 4 hours.

Part 1 will be a two hour session dedicated to modeling and building the PHP backend. We will start off discussing the domain model of a To-Do List application and come up with the functionality we'd like to implement. Then, we'll hit the code and start writing some tests and implementations. Finally, we'll add HTML output and start exercising our application code.

We will be working with the following packages and tools: Composer, Symfony 4, Symfony Flex, Doctrine ORM, Doctrine Migrations, phpunit, and PHP 7.2+.

By the end of the session, we will have a functional To-Do List application. But don't expect it to look pretty. We will take care of that during the next session!

Beau Simensen (@beausimensen, is a Technology Strategy Consultant and has been a professional polyglot programmer since 1998. He is a Technical Product Manager for Blackfire (, host of Astrocasts (@astrocasts, and is co-host of That Podcast (@thatpodcast, An active open-sourcer, he created Sculpin ( and helped create Stack PHP ( He is also a serving Core Committee member for the PHP Framework Interoperability Group (PHP-FIG) (

Location and Parking Info:
To park, enter the Visitor's Parking lot off of Hoffman St. (The Visitor's Parking Lot is labeled with a V on this map: ). To access the Visitor's Parking lot, just push the buzzer and let the attendant know you are attending the Madison PHP meeting). We will meet in the Health Education Building, which is the blue building labeled "C" on the map. We will be on the third floor in Room 309.